Online Tutoring VS Private Tutor: What’s the difference between an Online Tutoring and a Private Tutor?

The days are gone when private tutoring was just the subject to think of wealthy people. It is now widely acceptable to everyone with the reason that there is lots of competition in the academic field and personalized help is available at affordable price with the advent of technology.

Online Tutoring

  • Online tutoring offers learning at home using computer and internet
  • Online tutoring is often taken as on demand help and assistance to work out with homework help, assignments and test preparation.
  • Online learning is the new way of tutoring where the student get free online tutoring chat
    with online tutors who is equipped with knowledge and not the tutor in personal.
  • Online tutoring offers good help especially to students in high school grade or college grade
  • Online tutor may not be same for the particular subject all throughout your academic year. Hence, you may not convey exactly your weaknesses, gaps in understanding or difficulties in the subject. This may give negative effect on your grades in the school.
  • Online tutoring gives new experience especially with tech savvy student. Student get chance to use new technology and explore the world of Internet to carry out research on their subjects.
  • Online tutoring is a good option when you seek assignment and homework help in theoretical subjects.
  • Online tutoring can be very affordable option with cutting down the transportation that cost in private tutoring.

Private Tutoring

  • Tutor comes to the student’s home for private tutoring
  • Private tutoring merely works as a contract for the entire academic year giving a kind of guarantee to get higher grades in the subject with personal attention.
  • Private tutoring is the foundation of attending student in personalized way creating warm relation between the student and the teacher.
  • The eye contact, body language and face-to-face conversation in private tutoring is beneficial for students of elementary grade.
  • The experienced tutor can identify the student’s understanding level, knowledge gaps and difficulties in the subjects. They can analyze the student’s weaknesses in understanding the subject and target directly to problem areas.
  • Private tutoring is the option for students who prefers the conventional way of learning (not tech savvy)
  • Private tutoring at home is perfect when you seek help in practical subjects like playing instruments etc.
  • Private tutoring can be an expensive option as tutor personally devote a specific period of time with you for the almost entire year.
  • Private tutors offer combination of both online tutoring (with email) and personal tutoring at student’s home

How Can You Work Best With A Free Online Tutor?

Education by distance was once considered more of a joke. The practice has however become the most well accepted means of learning.  Students can get online sessions for math help, English help, test preparation help, homework help from online experts. Students of all grades between k-12 can have access to subject experts.

The online Tutor experts provide one-on-one instruction and this helps students to convey their doubts and get them resolved instantly. Online tutoring websites offer an array of services for students in need of extra guidance. screens their tutors’ background systematically. They are specifically trained to handle the technology and patiently take care of the students needs.

You can easily get free online tutors for homework assignment help, help for test preparation, and help on specific subjects like math, Algebra, Social studies, History and many more. You can attain a session with a free online tutor, convey your uncertainties and get the required guidance.

There are online tutoring websites providing free online tutoring. Students find it difficult to meet the tough competition. With the free online tutoring websites students can get in-depth understanding of concepts and do well in school. This makes them strive for better marks; achieve their expected grade in school. A good tutor can help you to do well in your studies and it can boost his or her confidence.

Online Tutoring: Why it is possible to learn a mathematical concept on Online Tutoring Sites?

Often people get confused with the possibilities to learn mathematical concepts on Online Tutoring sites. They mystify thinking about how online tutoring websites teach complex Math theorems or principles, geometry lessons describing a line segment or angles and arithmetic concepts of area or perimeter. They are eager to know about the technology that can replace the physical blackboard to electronic tool that facilitate tutor drawing Math diagrams. The answer is here itself; the electronic tool used by online tutoring sites to make learning Math online is an Interactive White Board.

Interactive whiteboard, the latest development in education industry gives teaching and learning a unique experience. These tutoring sites allow students to get free online tutoring chat with online tutors. Various types of interactive board are widely found in a virtual classroom and distant learning centers. The online tutor or presenter teaches lessons where student sitting at distant place can see the teacher’s activity on the screen and hear his/her voice broad casted. White board can take many forms; however, most essential features that help learning Math concepts online are as follows:

  • Control computer from the interactive whiteboard surface using proprietary software.
  • Feature to project a screen from computer to the whiteboard surface to view diagrams in bigger size.
  • Ability to capture notes, drawings from the surface to computer/printer.
  • Gives better way to present inherently graphical subjects like 3D Graphics and animations.
  • Ability to record sessions and create audio/video files to replay it for a later time.
  • Allows watching audio/video and movie files.
  • Facilitate playing Math game and quizzes in groups.
  • Allows editing of documents in the group.
  • Allow surfing the Internet from the surface of the whiteboard.
  • Support multi device inputs like human finger, electromagnetic pen, and resistive touch.

Additionally, the software in the whiteboard helps kids to teach units, tens and hundreds with coloring activities associated with geometrical shapes and cultivates color sense. It helps tutors to form theme of algebra with drag and drop method, measurement of angles and explore know how about area and volume with changing shape and color of the grid. The interactive whiteboard software application allows performing activities like matching and counting on its surface develops an aptitude for rational thinking in the children. Elder students can learn data handling and create four quadrant graph, grid or isometric figures.

Interactive Whiteboard not only gives possibility to learn a mathematical concepts on Online Tutoring sites but it makes learning less strenuous, engrossing and of more fun. Online Math learning widens student’s personal skill to maximize with more refined ideas and concepts on the topic

How Has Online Tutoring Changed Over A Decade?

The Internet is heaven for those who are looking for knowledge. The advent of information technology and the Internet brought drastic changes in our life. Intervention of information technology in the field of education has changed the existing process of tutoring. The process of learning online is considered to be the most effective medium of learning these days.Some tutoring sites allow students to get free online tutoring with online tutors

The technology went through many changes in one decade. Experts are working recurrently to incorporate innovative learning tools which make studying convenient and fun. The virtual teaching helps to convert any boring subject to an exciting one.

It’s a fact that online tutoring offers high quality multimedia tools to make studying a better experience. The use of videos, live chat sessions and other audio help make complicated concepts all the more out of the ordinary and easy to memorize.

The technology of online education was also not accepted at the initial stage; but the technology kept on penetrating progressively and now it has become sort of a first choice. The process caters every student from k-12.

There are tools that allow tutors to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the students and discover the method that suits them the most. Online learning enables a student to convey his / her uncertainties.

The best part is this may now be availed by NCLB students. The significant changes the technology went through in one decade are that, world class education may now be availed by students anytime, anywhere at the most affordable rate. The technology has given tutors to earn an extra amount in their free time from the comfort of their home. They can get guidance from online experts for their homework assignment help, test preparation or help for any subject like Math, English, History, Algebra and so on.

Professionals are still working to make online tutoring the first choice of students and parents. The practice offered employment to many young graduates looking for jobs.

How important Is An Online Tutoring In Obtaining The Higher Grades On Math?

Every child has different aptitudes and cannot learn and work at the same pace. Some students necessitate in-person care and attention in understanding new concepts and completing their assignments.

Online tutoring is a technology that proffers online math tutors who are cooperative, patient and friendly. Some tutoring sites even allow students to get free online tutoring chat with online tutors.Work pressures and family responsibilities make it difficult for them to regularly arrange for parents to accompany their kids for after-school sessions.

Math is a subject that needs special care. In-depth understanding of the concepts is imperative. The score in this subject makes a marked difference in your grade. Many students may face problem in completing assignments and understanding the difficult concepts of mathematics. They feel shy and cannot even convey their doubts in the classroom before other friends.

Online math tutoring is a perfect solution to such problems. TutorPace a USA-based online tutoring website is growing steadily. The website offers online math tutorials for students from k-12 at the most affordable rate. Math online tutoring helps you to improve your grade at a fraction of the cost of the traditional methods of coaching. Flexibility of scheduling allows students to plan their own timetable.

An increasing number of students and parents are opting for math online tutoring these days. Students can attain sessions from the comfort of home which reduces pressure and makes it easier for them to understand the concepts faster.

A good and dependable online site provides individualized tutoring plans to meet the student’s requirements. They provide highly qualified tutors, who are well-trained to bring out the best math skills of the student.

If your child has become frustrated with Math and you are searching for the best math online tutoring, go to a website that focuses on explaining the key fundamental concepts in math and pinpoint each student’s areas of strength and weakness.

Let your child learn from the best and achieve high grades in Math!

What Online Tutoring Companies Have The Best User Interfaces (UIs)?

When it comes to tutoring on the Internet, Graphical User Interface (GUI) carries lots of importance to online tutoring companies. Tutor Pace Inc. offers one of the best user interfaces making distance learning more easily, comfortable and live for both student and tutor.Some tutoring sites allow students to get free online tutoring chat with online tutors.

A new cloud based interactive white board used by the Tutor Pace offer platform of two-way communication while online tutoring. It is an electronic white board that can be connected with computer/ laptop and projector facilitate to communicate and interact between student and tutor located at distant place. The functions like writing, drawing and controlling is performed with the help of human finger or digital pen eliminating the use of mouse and keyword.

White board sharing is a very essential feature of online tutoring that is offered by Tutor Pace. The integrated part of white board can be shared between tutor and student that allow them to work together while writing or drawing. It allows sharing Math tools like calculator, equation editor, shapes and function graphic etc. The sharing system allows tutor to share study material like homework help, assignments, and test papers to the student. In return, a student can share finished homework and assignments, solved test papers back to their tutors. In reply, the tutor can mark and comment homework, assignments etc. submitted by the student. The student can also upload new files, documents and images in their account offered by the system.

Tutor pace offers another way of two-way communication with instant messaging on computer/laptop attached to the white board. With live chat box, a student can ask queries and doubts which are solved immediately from the reply given by the tutor. At the same time, the tutor can immediately ask if the student has understood the topic clearly.

Tutor Pace enables audio/video communication with the help of interactive white board. It supplements instant messaging service facilitating communication in a better way. The voice conversation gives the comfort level to both student and tutor in the same way like communicating in a traditional classroom.

White board also features recording of conduct session and replay of recorded sessions at the convenience of the student. It helps student revising their lessons at the time of test preparation, homework help etc.

Thus, Tutor Pace Inc., a leading tutoring service uses advanced technology with an aim to give their students and tutors the replica of the physical classroom in its best way.

How should a student prepare to get higher score on SAT/ACT?

One of the major concerns for students is how to prepare to get a higher score on SAT/ACT. Online tutoring websites provide online experts and well planned sessions round the clock to help students to prepare for SAT/ACT and achieve the desired score at the most affordable rate.Some tutoring sites even allow students to get free online tutoring chat with online tutors

Diagnostic SAT Test:

Most popular SAT test preparation includes a practice test with answers and explanations.

Study Plan:

You should know what, when, and how you’re going to study. Chalk out a plan and you’ll be able to score high on SAT in no time.

SAT Vocabulary:

The best way to improve your knowledge is to look up any words that are unfamiliar and write them down. Try to learn 30-50 words per day and review at the end of the week.

SAT Math:

To improve your SAT Math score, you have to practice so as avoid careless mistakes and gain confidence?

Active Reading:

You should read the SAT-level material to perk up your Critical Reading score.

SAT Writing:

If a sentence sounds wrong, you need to be able to identify that it’s wrong.

SAT Practice Tests:

Take as many SAT practice tests, try to solve it and learn from your mistakes.

Weakness into Strength:

After each SAT practice test, evaluate your incorrect answers. This will help you to improve your SAT score.

Don’t Delay:

Start studying from the very initial stage, so that it is possible for you to study about an hour or so every day or every other day. Do not leave for the last minute.


Thinking too much about the exam can be stressful, so take preparation step-by-step and stay focused.

Happy preparing!

Online Tutoring: How do I become a full time tutor?

With advent of Internet and technology, online education has paved way for tutoring services to merely reach any corner of the world. The increased number of students opting for online tutoring has created huge demand of online tutoring jobs. Aspiring online tutors should have knowledge as a tool and skill to enable students understands the subject. The Internet is the best place where online tutoring companies announce career opportunity for online tutors.

What educational qualifications are required to become online tutor?

  • You should have enough educational qualification
  • Teaching experience is preferable. However, if you lack experience then you should have in-depth knowledge on the subjects you wish to teach
  • Good oral and written communication skill
  • Proficient in use of Internet and computer. Require to own computer/laptop with reliable configuration. Require to have a stable and fast speed Internet connection
  • Knowledge of additional language like Spanish, German, French is preferable
  • The English accent is preferable

How to apply for online tutoring job?

  • List out subjects that you are an expert and comfortable teaching with
  • Register with online tutoring company.
  • Create your detailed profile on the company website. Post details like photograph, educational background, experience, and credentials and awards that you hold.
  • State the grade level and subjects that you are applying for.
  • State your availability as part-time or full-time tutor
  • You may ask to take a qualifying test, mock sessions or personal interview to prove your skills
  • You can start with your job once you clear all the procedure of the online tutoring service provider

To find a tutor job online may feel like very easy and simple but remember it is more challenging than conducting traditional classroom sessions. You need to gather all possible information on online tutoring software and tools, tutor resources an all other techniques and resources that facilitate online tutoring jobs.

How To Get Online Tutors Free For Math?

Hiring a good math tutor can make a world of difference in the students’ grade, but this at times may be pretty expensive. Online tutors offer in-person attention and help with math problems, at an easy pace which allows students to absorb what they are learning.Some tutoring sites even allow students to get free online tutoring chat with online tutors.

Tutor Pace provides students with ample opportunities to request a  free demo session and get a free online tutor for Math. Online math help services have a sizable storehouse of practice worksheets, which have a varied set of problems. The online problem solvers are available 24/7 to help students between k-12.

The sessions are planned in a way so that students can find tutoring services that fit their to-do list and necessities. Private tutoring is an expensive affair; now with online tutoring websites it is possible to find affordable and good quality tutoring at much affordable rates. Most students these days opt for online tutoring over the other traditional options, because of the convenience and flexibility it offers.

Students who study online feel the virtual environment comfortable and the online experts encouraging. The online tutors use online puzzles, games and quizzes and add fun in learning. Students enjoy access to unlimited online resources.

Now day’s students do not need traveling to a tutoring center and working with inflexible timetables. Students who learn Math from online tutors can schedule lessons as per their convenience. They can just log into the sessions from just anywhere. All you necessitate is a computer and an internet connection, and you’re all set to get the required guidance.

K-12 Education-What are good online tutoring websites?

Parents who are seeking good tutoring services for their child to improve their skills and thus perform better in their schools then here are a few good online tutoring websites for K-12 education.These tutoring sites allow students to get free online tutoring chat with online tutors claim #1 quick on demand tutoring service and homework help offered on electronic white board from highly qualified tutors with English as a first language. offer superior learning experience in technology-rich, activity based online learning from expert tutors in their subjects with English as a native language. It offers two types of lesson base programs called Independent Study program and Guided Study program offer world-class high quality, affordable tutoring with unlimited hours fixed price one-to-one study program from tutors holding a masters degree in their subjects through white board and voice-based technology. connects K-12 students, college students, and adults preparing for higher education, to a live experienced tutor online for one-on-one help with homework, test preparation and more via a secured online classroom. Their affordable personalized 1 to 1 tutoring proves helpful for the students as they get undivided attention for understanding the concepts easily and quickly. Tutor Pace created a platform for students where they can come and resolve their queries online anytime with 24/7 services.

Growing Stars offers per hour on demand one-to-one study program at an affordable price from highly qualified tutors in an American accent

Smart thinking focus to help institutions to offer their students learning online providing their resources (people, training and technology). It offers per hour on demand study program from expert tutors with advanced degrees in their respective subjects

Tutor next is great way online tutoring with a fun, convenient and easy to use help students building concepts, catching up school homework and perform better in the school under guidance of highly qualified and professionally experienced tutors.

eTutorworld offers affordable one-to-one live tutoring to improve grades especially in math’s and science subjects. The personal online tutors teach well-educated concepts, prepare for the test and get quick assignment help  

TutaPoint offers fast one-to-one tutoring and educational resources through technically advanced online classroom. The tutors are qualified and experienced enough to improve your grades and increase test scores

Online Tutoring definitely give huge benefits to your child with the flexibility to learn at home and guidance to work out your homework and assignments with qualified and experienced teachers. Carry out a research-comparing price against features, as there are numerous online tutoring services available in the market today.