Tips to learn Middle School Exponent basics

Build Vocabulary

The first step towards learning Math exponents is the learn vocabulary. Learn various terms like base number, power, exponent. Give examples like 4 to 3rd power, where 3 is the number of times the base number is multiplied to itself. Also learn other way, as 5*5 is same as 5 to the 2nd power. Once you learn the vocabulary, reinforce with it by saying the problem term.

Learn primitive exponentials

Learn what is power of 2, 3, 5, 10. Explain the unique principle which works with power of 10. Learn the standard form of 10 exponential like 10 to the power 1 is 10. 10 to the power 2 (10*10) is 100, 10 to the power 2 (10*10*10) = 1000 and so on.

Use games to learn exponential laws

Exponents and surrounding rules can be quite difficult to grasp by the middle school students. Spend some time playing math exponent games to learn these laws. Log on to various online free websites to find Math resources like exponent games, puzzles, quizzes, exponent calculator. Learn which pair of number, raised to exponent is greater or less than value.

Practice exponent problems

Once you learn the exponential laws, go through the solved examples. Take similar problems and start solving it as explained in the example. Once to solve 10 problems with each of the exponential law, take complex problems to work out. Practice it using scientific notation.

Just following these tips and you will find out how this difficult topic turns out to be simpler and easier. Likewise, plan out and apply stepwise strategy for better understanding organic chemistry.

How to Choose the Right Online Tutoring Service for Your Child?


Online tutoring services are reckoned as the best in the tutoring field and they do loom large in service so that picking out the right tutoring site has become a hazardous task indeed! How to choose the right tutor for your child is a million dollar question to ask.


  • Choose the one which is a familiar site to your friends, family and acquaintancesScreen Shot 2013-01-19 at 5.54.34 AM
  • Check the credentials and testimonials  of the online tutor
  • Find out the success rates and experience areas of the website to which he belongs
  • Verify whether the tutor has relevant experience in the subject you want him to teach your child and whether he is eligible enough to tutor the subject
  • Talk to the tutor and find out how far he is mentally suitable to handle your child
  • Check the functional aspects of the site like how far they monitor the tutoring sessions and how they feed back to you regarding the science tutor assessments and student feedbacks
  • Check out whether it is easy to connect to the tutor online and how far the system is feasible for you
  • Finally the affordability factor- you should not make a hole in your pocket by approaching a web based tutoring site- its cost effective coaching methods should be suitable for your monetary aspects.

Why is the choice of the tutor important?

  • There are a number of sites offering services- you have to pick out the most effective one
  • The tutor should not be just a  homework grinding mill- He should be able to provide a holistic approach towards your child
  • The tutor should explain and make himself an example in doing the homework- especially important for a Math online tutor– otherwise improvement for the child in its real sense is impossible.
  • Good handling of the interactive tools is mandatory. Otherwise, it will turn out to be a one man show and there will not be any room for interaction and development of learning skills.


Hence, it is clear that choosing the right tutor is essential for improving your child’s overall development.



How online tutoring helps independent study?


An independent study offers typical curriculum, however the instruction method and flexibility of taking the curriculum makes it unique and distinct. It is the nice option for students to enroll into program any time and accelerate or take up to year to complete the coursework. Besides this, students can transfer credits to the different school of their choice or take a diploma course. The curriculum of offline and online courses are different, however, the study material contain all necessary information to successfully complete the courses.


Independent study is good choice at high school and college level. It prepares students remarkably well for the academic severity along with personal freedom that should come with higher education. There is no concept of spoon feeding, but rather they are taught to demonstrate the important life skills of self discipline, time management, and knowledge application. It is ideal for motivated, independent students and high achieving students; however, schools do not leave students without any support. They have qualified tutors, principals, advisors who can be accessible by students as and when required.


Independent study offers qualified online tutors for maths which guide students as per their need. They also provide help in biology, chemistry, physics, reading and writing English and many more subjects. It is most flexible, convenient and cost effective solution for those students who can learn subjects independently. Only caution is to ensure the school you are considering to enroll is reputable, accredited and fits your individual needs.


Experiencing independent study culture is worth taking!

How to master in Math with Free Math Problem Solver?


Often, students access free Math tutor as like free Math problem solver tool. But, this is really wrong practice as it does not add any skill to your Math problem solving skills. It meets your short term goal of completing daily homework but may not prove helpful in getting good grades in your academics.

Here are few tips to seek help from tutor online and clear your basic concepts in four easy steps:


  1. Learn each Math topic thoroughly from the tutor, revise it and gain knowledge of concepts and formulas, rule or any pattern.
  2. Math is sequential subject which requires clear understanding on previous topic before you learn next one. When face any difficulty, do not hesitate to clarify your doubts from good Math tutor.
  3. Practice will place you at better position, so practice each topic as much as possible. Also practice to solve some tricky sums.
  4. Form a habit to write test papers. It will give you estimation about whether you will be able to solve paper in stipulated time.

Online tutoring makes learning any subject easy and comfortable with lot of positive features. Free Math tutor offers tutoring on each topic and gives worksheets to practice simple and complex problems.