Tips to learn Middle School Exponent basics

Build Vocabulary

The first step towards learning Math exponents is the learn vocabulary. Learn various terms like base number, power, exponent. Give examples like 4 to 3rd power, where 3 is the number of times the base number is multiplied to itself. Also learn other way, as 5*5 is same as 5 to the 2nd power. Once you learn the vocabulary, reinforce with it by saying the problem term.

Learn primitive exponentials

Learn what is power of 2, 3, 5, 10. Explain the unique principle which works with power of 10. Learn the standard form of 10 exponential like 10 to the power 1 is 10. 10 to the power 2 (10*10) is 100, 10 to the power 2 (10*10*10) = 1000 and so on.

Use games to learn exponential laws

Exponents and surrounding rules can be quite difficult to grasp by the middle school students. Spend some time playing math exponent games to learn these laws. Log on to various online free websites to find Math resources like exponent games, puzzles, quizzes, exponent calculator. Learn which pair of number, raised to exponent is greater or less than value.

Practice exponent problems

Once you learn the exponential laws, go through the solved examples. Take similar problems and start solving it as explained in the example. Once to solve 10 problems with each of the exponential law, take complex problems to work out. Practice it using scientific notation.

Just following these tips and you will find out how this difficult topic turns out to be simpler and easier. Likewise, plan out and apply stepwise strategy for better understanding organic chemistry.