Methods Of Assessment In Online Tutoring

Assessing education online is a method for not only seeing whether learning has occurred or not, but also important to evaluate the way your students grab knowledge meeting targets as expected. Herein we will be considering distinctive assessment techniques, furthermore the requirement for organized ways of arranging records. Records are kept to indicate how learners are advancing and are crucial in permitting a learner to finish a course and pick up the capability for which they have contemplated.

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Assessing can be developmental (on-going) or summative (toward the end), and can be formal or casual. It speaks truth gathering data, making judgments in view of translating that data, and after that settling on the significant strategy to accomplish the course targets. Formal evaluations incorporate composed, oral and common tests or recorded perceptions, and their imprints contribute towards the capabilities gradually developed by kids. These are goals, being evaluated and denoting a time when children may advance or need further educating on a specific subject.

Whilst formal evaluations have a tendency to be time-bound, casual appraisal is, it could be said, continually happening – the instructor is always watching learners, listening to reactions and making judgments as to their mentalities and advancement: these are basically subjective and not authoritatively recorded. Many a time learners can evaluate themselves and one another in pair and gathering work. Assessment is something that can likewise be done by somebody from the surroundings such as friends, family, or relatives, in addition to an online tutor. A great deal of evaluation can be commonsense – something that especially suits the students pulled in to these studies (i.e. less scholastically skilled), however other testing strategies may be utilized, contingent upon the level of capability. As said above, beginning assessment is discriminating. Once more, this can be casual (evaluating levels of past learning/information through initial undertakings) or formal (e.g., the requirement for a section exam/test). Various ways are utilized by the coach to evaluate levels of comprehension, experience and desire, and additionally being a chance to check education and relational abilities. From an introductory evaluation the educator knows where to begin, how and at what level to pitch course content, and, to a lesser degree, what sort of learners to expect – an all around planned starting appraisal may even uncover a bit about the learning styles of the gathering. An extremely profitable arranging guide! A word about the assessment of courses – frequently a written document, a sort of checklist completed by the learners – which gives a decent sign of a kid’s advancement and comprehension, and also serving to outline/upgrade future courses. This sort of evaluation tells coach and course pioneer alike how well a course ‘functions’, and in addition showing how successful an instructor is.

You have to keep records of learners’ advancement. The key ones would be a attendance register (to demonstrate that students have finished the obliged hours of formal study); a reviewing matrix (to record any tests and assignments finished and the evaluations accomplished); some type of profile archive (which records key data about kids accomplishments, challenges, any instructional exercise notes about states of mind, former accomplishments, and advancement reports for instance); and assessment sheets, talked about above (if these are finished amid the course the educator and their administrators can “change” the course likewise).

Without sufficient records present with the online tutors the course  and assignments can’t be formally finished and the sorts delineated in the past section constitute a gathering of proof that a given goal has been accomplished. Recording must be precise, as evaluation data is among the most delicate data with which an instructor bargains. It ought to additionally just be available to those that need to have entry to it – i.e. those specifically included in the course intended to meet the specific learning goal.

What Is A Polar Covalent Bond?

Chemistry is replete with topics that are tricky and hard to understand at the first go. Chemical bonding is one such topic that students find a bit hard to make sense of as the concept of electron clouds in atoms interacting with one other and sharing or transferring electrons is difficult to understand. There are primarily to different kinds of bonding – ionic and covalent and the polar covalent bond. Read on to learn as to what a polar covalent bond along with some examples.

What is a polar covalent bond?

Simply put, a polar covalent bond is formed when atoms (or their electron clouds to be more specific) interact with one another and electrons are shared between them in the process. While in an ionic bond, the electrons get transferred, here a sharing of electrons takes place and this happens in electron pairs. When a single pair is shared, the resultant bond is called the single covalent bond, when two pairs are shared; the resultant bond is called a double bond and so on. There are again two distinct types of the covalent bond – polar and non-polar. The polar covalent bond is typically formed as a result of unequal sharing of electrons between the participating atoms.

polar covalent bond

Learning such an important concept is no longer possible with classrooms alone today as the student ratio is very disproportionate and students seldom get individual attention. An online chemistry tutor is thus the best hope for a student to understand this tricky concept and learn all the requisite details about it well. Keep reading to learn about some examples of a polar covalent bond.

Some popular examples to understand the polar covalent bond

The compound called Hydrogen Fluoride is an easy example to understand this intriguing concept. Most students require help in this area and are often flummoxed when it comes to understanding this type of bond and seek chemistry homework help from online platforms to get the detailed explanation and step by step explanation of how the bond is formed between Hydrogen and Fluorine.

Structure of Hydrogen Atom: Hydrogen is the first element on the periodic table and has an atomic number 1. Thus, the number of electrons in its valence electron shell (outer shell) is one.


Structure of Fluorine Atom: Fluorine is the ninth element in the periodic table and has an atomic number 9 and has seven electrons in its outermost shell.


Thus, hydrogen requires one electron for stability while fluorine requires also requires one electron for stability (To complete its octet) and these two elements share an electron to form a polar covalent bond. Since polar covalent bonds are all about unequal sharing, Fluorine pulls the electron towards its octet resulting in a partial negative charge while hydrogen has a partial positive charge.

Most of the organic compounds form polar covalent bonds and thus understanding this concept completely is of utmost importance in organic chemistry. This is perhaps why most assignments are allocated in this area at school and students seek chemistry assignment help online to score better and understand the concepts involved clearly.

Top Your Class With An Online Chemistry Tutor

Chemistry is one of the most important subjects when it comes to sciences for it deals with molecules, what they are made up of and the bonds between them. Whether it is learning about the various elements that we find on earth, their reactions with one or another or how the kind of bonds they form to transform into different compounds, chemistry is the subject that empowers one with the knowledge of all of these. It is thus quite an important subject and not surprisingly, most students find it hard to understand. An online chemistry tutor can help a student explore the subject in depth and understand its subtleties and in many cases help them develop a deep interest in it as well. Here’s how an online tutor can help students ace their chemistry paper and score a high GPA.

Tricky Chemistry Concepts that Flummox Students

The following topics are quite difficult in chemistry and most students are stumped by these concepts:

  • Matter and its structure
  • ypes of chemical bonds and their properties
  • Forces that are in play within a molecule and between molecules
  • Thermodynamics and kinetics
  • The concept of chemical equilibrium

online chemistry tutor Students at all levels from middle school to those appearing for AP exams find these topics difficult. Today’s classrooms too aren’t very conducive for learning and seeking external help is perhaps the only option left. For those who don’t wish to get full-fledged help, options such as assignment and chemistry homework help are available. Herein, a student can approach a tutor online to seek help with his/her homework. The tutor would proceed to take up the problem, explain it step by step and solve it. The student can seek clarifications and further help as required by them and the tutor would work with them every step of the way to ensure complete understanding. Thus, this sort of a medium offers individual attention and is personalized to the student’s needs.

Assignment is another area that serves to bring down grades by a large margin. Many students fail due to poor scores in assignments and this brings their GPA crashing down. While assignments are designed to help students explore a specific topic and understand it better, poor performance in them can have undesired results. With the revolutionary online platform, students can seek chemistry assignment help too and improve their paper. They can get help with their presentation, writing style and approach or learn more about the topic first, understand it completely with the help of a tutor and then proceed with the assignment. The variety of choices available in the platform make it appealing to most students for it caters to every kind of need.

Thus, it is entirely up to the student to seek the kind of help he/she requires and improve their performance. There are a number of advantages apart from the individual attention and customized classes offered online and they are: round the clock support, safe medium, studying whenever possible and at one’s convenient time, doing away with travel, economical and wider exposure levels. Thus, studying under the tutelage of an online chemistry tutor can indeed help students boost their scores and GPA by leaps and bounds.

Stellar Ideas That Enable You To Deal With Your Daily Assignments

With the availability of online tutoring facilities for students nowadays, it has become far easier for them to cope up with the commonly used assignment-based approach of studies in schools and colleges. It is a fairly effective method by which students can become proficient in all topics with the help of interactive, appealing, focused and simplified tutoring procedures, using innovative study materials. Discussed here are a few of the most important characteristics of online assignment help finance and similar subject. Students can now solve their academic issues on their own by developing a better understanding of the studied lessons.

assignment help

Easy on the parents’ budget

The online tutoring firms charge very less relative to the offline tuitions, since they do not have to arrange for a place for the accommodation of students. Many tutoring websites provide even assignment help free online to students. This is, therefore, a very cost-effective way of obtaining guidance and tutorial help for the completion of assignments and the clarification of doubts in different topics that they are not able to understand on their own.

No unnecessary wastage of time

Studying in an offline coaching center can cause a lot of time wastage because of the travelling and distractions involved in it. On the other hand, online tutorial firms help the students to learn all chapters, right from home, at any time of the day. This further allows the child to optimize their daily schedule to produce better results in their academic performance.

Fun and novel methods of teaching

The use of slides and video lectures to convey the lessons to students is a common method employed by online tuitions. These methods change the students’ perception of studying from a boring classroom task to an interesting learning process. The tutors pay individual attention to each student, and the students never hesitate in asking clarification in any topic that they fail to understand.

Regular tests to track performance and progress

The performance of the student can be checked with the help of online tests that are available on tutoring websites. These tests help the students in practicing the problem solving techniques and speed of response for a certain before they actually appear for the exam in real. Also, these tests give details about the elements of a topic that the student needs to work on so as to excel in the result.

All topics and subjects available for all levels of study

Be it a tutorial for a primary school student or an assignment help MBA, whatever may a person be looking for, they can easily find good websites offering online tuitions for students studying different subjects, and at different levels. Preparation for different exams, the coverage of different academic and non-academic topics, all is facilitated by online tutoring companies, helping students achieve big and small educational goals.

Tutorial websites, therefore, are the best solution for all kinds of students, and should always be preferred for successfully learning all the different chapters, practicing them, and then testing personal skills in the same.

How To Apply Concepts Of Algebra To Geometry?

In this particular article we have focused on a few properties determined in Geometry utilizing Algebra mathematics. You can definitely consult some kind of math homework help to know more in depth.

Concepts Of Algebra To Geometry

Give us a chance to take the case of a straight line. What do we watch? A straight line meets the X-Axis or the Y-Axis in any one among the four quadrants. A line can be plotted hanging some place in the center, yet dragging it whichever way would make it unquestionably meet in one of the four quadrants. Which properties are held by a straight line? A straight line converge either the y or x axis with a point. If this line makes a point of 90 degrees with the X-Axis, then it is parallel to the Y pivot or it is the Y-Axis itself. On the other hand if this line makes a point of 90 degrees with the Y-Axis then it runs parallel to the X pivot or can be the X-Axis itself.

Let us assume a point on hold as (X, Y), and explore the relationship in the middle of X and Y. Let us extend the point to the X and the Y pivot separately. Let the line converge the X-Axis at (C1, 0) and the Y-Axis at point (0, C).

Assuming a right triangle between the beginning and the two convergence focuses on the X and the Y axis where the straight line meets the two pivots. Let theta be the point made by the straight line and the X-Axis. By definition tan(theta) is equivalent to stature/base of a right triangle. So tan(theta) for this situation is only C/C1.

At some other point (X, Y) on the straight line tan(theta) is equivalent to Y/C1-X.

Likening both we get Y/C1-X= C/C1 so Y = C(C1-X)/C1 = – XC/C1 + C.

Since theta is the inside point made by the straight line with the X-Axis, the outside edge is equivalent to PI-Theta. Likewise, tan(theta) = – tan(PI-theta).

So if takes after that – C/C1 = tan(exterior point).

Y = tan(exterior point) * X + C. This is only the prevalent mathematical statement Y = M*X + C.

Presently apply some rudimentary variable based math to infer the Pythagoras hypothesis.

Consider a right triangle at the beginning with directions (0, 0), (a,0) and(0,b)

The hypotenuse’s length is only sqrt (a*a + b*b).

This is only the squares’ entirety of the other two sides, which is according to the Pythagoras hypothesis.

Now move to a circle, what are the properties of a circle. Any point along the circle is at a separation of r from the focal point of the circle. Let the focal point of the circle be at the birthplace. Take a point (X, Y) situated at any place on a circle. So the separation of that indicate the middle is sqrt(X *X + Y * Y) which is equivalent to r the span’s length.

So the mathematical statement of a circle is sqrt(X*X + Y*Y) = r or X*X + Y*Y = r*r.

By mixing Geometry with Algebra is presently termed as co-ordinate geometry.

Summing up things…

Both Geometry and Algebra are different branches of Mathematics. However, both share a strong relation in the form of Co-ordinate Geometry that needs to be learned through expert online math tutoring by consulting a well versed online math tutor. Let us know if you have more to share.

Expert Assignment Help Online- Best Educational Resource To Improve Your GPA

Getting stuck with assignment struggle is a very common problem found among students of various grades. It may be a Math problem, an Accounting balance sheet, a Science equation or an Economics theory. The topics which are intricate are long lasting pests in the minds of students and they remember that trouble shooting limitation of time also nagging them every now and then.

With assignment piling from every direction and instructions of teachers pouring in, it is natural for students to get overwhelmed by the sight of assignment files and they feel like going out of the world to some alien place.

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What best expert assignment help from established tutoring sites offers to students?

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The essential need for availing PHP assignment help

PHP is a server side scripting language. It is an acronym for Hypertext Preprocessor. It is used for creating dynamic web pages and has C language features. PHP web programming assignments, PHP GUI assignments and PHP-data base are the topics that entangle students in doubts while writing assignments on them. PHP assignment help from premier tutoring sites can drive away their fears, doubts and worries in doing assignments in the topics of PHP. The writers with their expert knowledge in the topics of the subject are able to produce quality content which is free of plagiarism and error and thus are able to provide students with write ups that fetch them straight A in their subject.

Final words

Assignment help online is a blessing for students who need assistance for their assignment topics in subjects like PHP or any other Computer Science related areas. With the complex areas of programming in PHP, Java or C++, doing assignments all alone is not advisable for students as they may be pulled down at the last moment by a wrong code or application. They need proper approach to tough topics in Computer Science and this they gain through the guidance of Computer Science tutors online.

It is not simply error free write ups that are obtainable from these tutors but they help you in other ways too. They offer feasible assignment solutions for your topics, proof read and edit your writing, suggest methods by which you can improve your presentation. They help you gather information about the topic you are writing. Above all they are learner friendly and are not by bound by time restrictions.

Thus seeking assignment help online for subjects like PHP is the surest way to your success and rising grades in your assignments.

5 Vedic Math Secrets for Every Student to be a Math Genius

Did you ever hear about Vedic Math and wonder what exactly is it? Vedic Math is derived from the ancient Indian scriptures called as the Vedas. The Vedic math is very ancient and it has many interesting tricks and facts which can help improve a student’s ability to solve the given question. We will look through some Vedic math secrets that you can apply in your math problem solving. This should make you not only solve the questions faster but also very efficiently.

Vedic Math Tutor

Here are some methods:

1. Squaring of a number ending in 5.

Find the value of 352?

The number ends in 5 the square of it should always ends with 25. In front of 25 place 3 x 4 = 12. That is the product of 3 and its consecutive number which is 4. Follow the diagram for a better idea:

math 1

Did you follow the trick? The more you practice, you will be able to solve these questions in one step. Now let us look at the longer version for the same question:

math 2We get the same answer!

Take a look at one more example to master the skill.

Find the value of 952?

Here since the number is ending is 5, the square will end in 25. In front of 25 place the product of 9 and 10. Follow the diagram to apply the method:

math 3

The answer is 9025.

This can be applied to three digit numbers as well. But the point to note is the number should end in digit 5.

Find the value of 2052?

The number ends in 5, so the square of the number will end in 25. For the next step follow the diagram below:

math 4The answer for the three digit multiplication for 205 x 205 = 42025. Check the answer in the longer method as well you will get the same value. 2. Square of numbers between 30 to 70? In this method we can find the square of the number between 30 and 70 within no time. Usually it takes us the regular multiplication method or the calculator to find the square of a number. Imagine, if you can solve it in the mind in a fraction of few seconds. Find the value of (51)2? Step 1: Find the difference between the given number and 50. You get 51 – 50 = 1. Step 2: Now add the difference to 25, this gives 25 + 1 = 26. (These are the first two digits.) Step 3: The last two digits of the square will be equal to the square of the difference.

Follow the diagram for the next step:

math 5

Find the value of (64)2?

Step 1: The difference between the given number and 50. You get 64 – 50 = 14. (As 64 > 50)

Step 2: Now add the number 14 to 25, this gives 25 + 14 = 39.

Step 3: Calculate the square of the difference 142 = 196.

For the last step follow the diagram.

math 6

Find the value of (44)2?

Step 1: The difference between 50 and 44. You get 50 – 44 = 6. (As 44 < 50)

Step 2: Now subtract the number 6 from 25, this gives 25 – 6 = 19. (First 2 digits of the square.)

Step 3: Calculate the square of the difference 62 = 36. (Last 2 digits of the square.)

For the last step follow the diagram.

math 7Hence the number is 442 = 1936. (Practice this method for more numbers.)

3. Subtracting any given number from 1000.

In this method for the given number that has to be subtracted from 1000, subtract the ones place by 10 and the remaining numbers by 9. For a better idea try to follow the examples shown below:

Find the value of 1000 – 356?

For this question subtracting 6 from 10 and 3, 5 from 9. Follow the diagram below:

math 8

Hence 1000 – 356 = 754.

Once you get a hold of this method you will be able to subtract quickly in your mind. This can also be applied to numbers when subtracted from 10 or multiples of 10, such as 100, 1000. 10000 and so on.

Let us take a look at another examples:

Find the value of 10000 – 8943?

Here subtract the digits in 8943 such that, ones place is subtracted from 10 and the remaining numbers from 9. Follow the diagram:

math 9

Hence the answer to 10000 – 8943 = 1057.

4. Finding the cube root of a given number.

In this method you will be able to find the cube root of any given number within a fraction of few seconds. You need the values of cubes from 1 to 9 for finding the cube roots. Here is the list:

math 10

The number 2744 has a cube root. Find the cube root 2744?

For this method you need a confirmation that 2744 has a cube root. Once you are sure of it, check the last number which is 4. Which cube in the list has the last number 4? 43 = 64. Now cross of the last three numbers and follow the diagram below:

math 11

The number 593919 is a cube of a number. Find the cube root of the number?

Here the given number is ending with 9, so the last digit of the cube roots should be 9. Since 93 = 729. For the next steps follow the diagram below:

math 12

As observed in the diagram above after crossing the last three numbers 59 is closest to 27 which is 33. Hence, the cubic root is 39.

5. Division of numbers made simple.

Find the value of 72 divided by 5?

Here the number 72 is divided by 5. Observe the number 5 can be written as 5 x 2 = 10.

The solution can be found easily within no time as follows:

math 13

Find the value of 64 divided by 25?

Here the number 64 is divided by 25. Observe the number 25 can be written as 25 x 4 = 100.

Follow the diagram below to get the solution:

math 14

Hence the value for 64/25 = 2.56.

This can be applied to bigger numbers as well such as:

Find the value of 567 divided by 20?

Here as well take a look at the divisor which can be written as 20 x 5 = 100.

The next step is to multiply the numerator and denominator of 567/20 by 5.

math 15

Hence the solution for 567/20 = 28.35.

Did you observe math calculations which usually take many steps to solve can be calculated in the fractions of few seconds? Well there are many more math secrets which can make using the calculator optional. So keep learning and engage yourself in discovering many more tricks. All the Best!

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Linear Algebra Math Made Simple: The Study Of Spaces

Today we will be looking at the basic concepts and properties of linear algebra. Linear algebra can also be called as vector algebra, as it is the study of vector spaces. You may now wonder what exactly vectors are. Well, quantities are classified into two types such as scalars and vectors. A scalar quantity is a quantity which has only magnitude and no direction. A quantity which has both magnitude and direction is called as a vector.

Girl doing homework

Let us look at some definitions and properties of vectors which will make the study of the vector spaces much simpler.

Position Vector: The position vector locates any given point in the three dimensional rectangular coordinate system. Let us recollect that the three dimensional rectangular coordinate plane has x, y and z axes. The origin point for such coordinate system is given by (0,0,0). The position vector or any point P in space is given by OP (x, y, z). The magnitude of the vector |OP| can be given by √(x2 + y2 + z2).

So, we have |OP| = √(x2 + y2 + z2).

Let us take a look at one of such example question.

Question: What is the position vector of the point (3, 4, 5). Find the magnitude of the given position vector?

The position vector is found from origin (0, 0, 0) to the point P. Follow the steps in the diagram below for finding the magnitude of the given vector:

math 1

Let us now take a look at some basic types of vector spaces.

Null vector: A null vector is also called as the zero vector. Remember the starting point of the vector is called the initial point and the ending point is called as the terminal point. The vector for which both the initial point and terminal point are the same is called as the zero vector. Like the name suggests the magnitude of a zero vector is always equal to zero. The null vectors are written as PP, AA and so on.

Unit Vector: The magnitude of a vector when equal to 1 is called the unit vector.

Need an example? Here you go!

Find the magnitude of the vector AB given by (0, 1, 0).

Apply the formula for the magnitude of the vector. This is what you get:

math 2

Equal vector: Like the name suggests the equal vectors are the vectors which are the same in magnitude and direction. If AB and CD are two equal vectors, then they are given by AB = CD.

math 3

Negative Vector: Well again like the name suggests the vectors which have the same magnitude and are opposite in the direction are called the negative vectors. If OP is a vector than PO is called the negative vector. This can be represented as OP = – PO.

math 4

Here AB = – BA. So BA is the negative vector for vector AB.

Co-initial Vectors: Any given two vectors are called as co-initial vectors if both the given vectors have the same initial point. For example OA and OB are two co-initial vectors.

math 5

Collinear Vectors: Any two given vectors are called collinear vectors when both vectors are parallel to the same line.

math 6

In the above diagram AB and CD are parallel to the same line, hence the two vectors are collinear to each other.

Addition of vectors: Most students find it quite confusing to understand the addition of vectors. In simple terms here is how you can follow it:

math 7

In the above diagram E is the initial point for the vector EF and terminal point for vector DF. So to obtain the resultant we start from the initial point of one vector (DE) to the terminal point of another vector (EF). Hence the resultant of the vectors is DF.

                        This can be expressed as DF (resultant vector) = DE + EF.

Now that you are aware of the vector additions let us look at the properties of the vector space addition.

Commutative Property: Vector addition is commutative. Consider two vectors a and b, they can be expressed as: math 8 Associative property: Vector addition is also associative. Like associative property for numbers we need 3 vectors to express the associative property for vectors. The property can be written as follows: math 9 Scalar Multiplication: Now let us take a quick look at multiplying a vector by a scalar quantity. Let there be a scalar number or a constant k. Take a vector a. Now we can obtain a new vector by multiply with the constant k. This is expressed as ka, always remember that the vector obtained after the scalar multiplication is collinear to the given vector. So ka is collinear to vector a. The vector has positive of negative direction depending on the sign of k. Here are some examples to give better understanding: math 10 In the above diagram there is vector which is then multiplied with a scalar 2. Here 2 is a positive number so the direction of the vector 2a is the same but the magnitude of vector is twice the initial vector a. math 11 In the above diagram the vector is multiplied by the scalar number -3. Since the scalar is a negative number, the direction of the vector is the reverse to the direction of vector a. The magnitude of the vector will be thrice the magnitude of vector a. Do you now feel you have a better idea of the basics of the vector spaces? Well guess what this is just the beginning and there is lot more to learn and discover in linear algebra. So do not forget, keep practicing!

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Stellar Features Of Virtual Assignment Help

Online tutoring is where students can easily approach the tutor on a convenient time, it is a new methodology of learning things, but still there are people who aren’t aware of it much. Online tutoring is cost effective and time saving, now a day’s students have freedom to access internet and get the complete information online and get immediate assignment help for all, anytime, anywhere. However with the help of tutors they can clarify their doubts at convenient time and can get notes instantly instead of writing.

assignment help

Imagine! How amazing it would be if you did not have to go for tuition right after your school. Imagine if you could sleep for few hours, play and when you got back home there was a teacher who would coach you on any subject you want help in.

  • Cost effective

As of now tutorials charge huge amount for coaching classes according to the subjects taken by students, instead which students prefer to study online and get more information, and clarify their doubts at that very moment. One can get any kind of homework assignment help online

  • Saves Time

Time is one of the factor, where students now a day’s have no enough time for their studies, family and friends. Traveling takes most of their time; most of them have no time to complete their assignments and will be left incomplete. I remember Math and statistics assignment would take maximum time. But, students today can save a lot of time with online statistics assignment help.

  • Selection of tutors

Remember, there was a time where you did not like the tutor still you were forced to go to the same person because there was no option. Well not anymore, because with online tutoring, one has the flexibility of selecting the tutor whom they feel comfortable with clearing their queries and can interact with each other.

  • Notes

You do not have to keep writing the lengthy dictation and keep filling up your note books. Online tutoring has made storing notes is very easy, than writing down and adding books. You do not have to spend on reference books also, as online tutors provide you with reliable content.

  • Final say

Looking at the ease that one gets with technology today, if a student doesn’t use it, it would be like having potter’s library and not reading any books. Finally,it is an advantage for the student to opt for online tutoring, because it is more helpful, interactive and easy way of learning things. Students gain more knowledge, as they have the option to pick the best tutor from n number of options. Students also become aware of the technology, and they find it easier to access tutorial online than going and finding out a good tutor who would impart worthy knowledge.Aren’t you tempted to take online coaching? I am because I do not have to waste time if my peers do not understand a topic. And, the best part is that, I can take the classes at my own pace.

How to Study For a Math Test the Night before the Exam?

How to Study For a Math Test the Night before the Exam?Many student try to study for a math in the same way as they would study for geography exam. But in a real world they are not the same subject. You need a structural way to memorize formulas and equations and the best way to learn them by using and practice math. Here are few tips that will help you plan on how to study for a math test the night before and help you with getting a higher grade.

Remember your goal

First of all you need to decide why are you studying? Do you want just a passing grade, maybe a B or even to ace the exam? Answer this question and stick to your decision. Many students think they want to pass the exam with a C but the more they study, the more they realize that they would prefer an A. Getting an A is great, but still it requires much more effort than a B.

Do not try to learn anything new

If you attended classes as you should have, you probably know a few things already, you just don’t realize that yet. Have a quick look through all your notes and study materials and decide what things you already know. Once that is sorted, you can concentrate on knowing them better. Learning new things the night before the exam can be tricky, as sometimes the stress and panic can make your brain forget the things it already knows to make space for what you are learning. Even if you know just 60% of that class, as long as you know it very well, you are guaranteed to pass.

Stay away from distractions

Many students tend to waste time while studying. It can be either because of their friends, taking small breaks, not finding a pen or getting hungry. Make sure that before you start studying, all these distractions are out of your way. Eat well and healthy, make sure you have all your study materials and resources and take care of any other physical needs you may have. If you do this, you are less likely to lose focus during your study time. And if you like listening to study music, make sure that it is free of lyrics, as listening to 50cent is definitely not a wise choice.

Use note-cards to remember formulas and techniques

Note cards are a student’s best friend when it comes to exams. These are the most simplified form of your actual course notes. Try to keep them as clear and short as possible, without any examples or complicated sentences. Once you have these note cards done, use them wisely, as they will help you see what you know and don’t know.

Get some sleep

A lot of students think that studying the night before the exam, it actually means all night. They couldn’t be more wrong. The brain can only concentrate for so many hours, so if you study for an entire night, you will be tired during the exam. Drink lots of water and keep few snacks items with you before you study. This will stimulate your brain and will help you memorize and work on math problems.

On the day of the exam

Plan to show up at least 30 minutes earlier than the exam time. Keep calm and do not panic if someone tells you something you don’t know. Most likely, they did the same as you, learned very well what they already knew. Also, try to review once more your note cards. Start the exam with the questions you already know and leave the rest at the end. Always keep calm and stay positive and confident of your final preparation for math and focus on one goal that you can do it. Good Luck!