How to Excel In Chemistry and Score Top Grades?

Understanding plays a key role when one wishes to excel in academics. This is particularly true of chemistry and science related subjects in general. For some students chemistry feels like a foreign subject as they are unable to relate to it and this causes trouble in understanding. We’ve collected a few tips from popular online science tutors to help you score better in chemistry.

#1: Identify your problem

There are many different topics under chemistry such as physical, organic and bio-chemistry. Narrowing down the problem area can help you work with the subject better. While some may not be able to understand the concept of bonds, others may not be able to grasp chemical reactions and so on. Getting your basics right will help a lot. In fact, while working with molar equations in chemistry, it is important get the math behind it right too. So a good grasp of math can do wonders here.

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#2: Practice solving and balancing equations

It isn’t enough to simply look at examples and equations. It is important to balance and solve them and in some cases where the question is about some missing variable in the equation, practice can come in very handy. Write down different classifications and work out a lot of different problems in them and then you’ll have a solid grasp of it. If in doubt, get science homework help online and get your doubts clarified.

#3: Try and understand real life applications

Asking a lot of questions and applying what you study to real life situations is important. When you look at anything, try to think in terms of compounds and whenever there is talk of a chemical reaction, try and analyze as to how it happens and where it is used in real life. This sort of an association helps. In fact, taking up projects and assignments can help in this regard wherein you can actually perform experiments in the lab to determine things. Again, when you need assistance, simply look for it in terms of science project help or science assignment help online.

These tips are sure to help you understand the subject better and get more clarity. It is a proven theory that when you understand where and how something is used and how it works, you are sure to perform better in your exams. Good Luck!

3 thoughts on “How to Excel In Chemistry and Score Top Grades?

  1. Nice article, you almost covered all aspect of Chemistry, how to get good grades. I just want you please elaborate this point.

    “Real life experience” how to connect real life experience to chemistry. If someone is very bad in Chemistry then how to cover those topics. Can Home Tutor help me?

  2. Could not agree with you more, a thorough understanding of the basic concepts is vital otherwise chemistry will continue to be a mystery. Associating these concepts with the real world is a great idea.

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