All You Need To Know About Hot Springs

Ever wondered about the science behind hot springs? A spring is basically some place where ground water is discharged and a hot spring also known as geyser is some place where the water that comes out is hot. If you suppose that springs are hot owing to magma, you are right! Before we get delve further into thermal or hot springs, let’s take a look at the basic terminology involved here. It will help you understand texts and other resources about geysers/hot springs better.


Groundwater which is essentially rain water and snow permeates through the upper layers on the surface of the earth until it hits solid rock surfaces. The water then collects in underground pools and these are known as aquifers.


The ground water that collects in pools below the earth’s surface gets back to the earth’s surface via cracks and gaps known as vents.

hot spring

What makes springs hot?

The water that is collected above the ground is called a spring and when hot, it is referred to as a thermal spring or a geyser. The heat in these springs is due to the underlying magma that heats the water even before it comes to the surface and we get warm water in the springs. If the magma is closer to the surface, the water is hot and in some cases the water is muddy or filled with hot layers of mud and these are referred to as mud spots.

Hot Springs are a popular choice for science assignments

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