10 Amazing Facts About Plant Cells

Plants are necessary food for animals and human beings. Without plants, earth would have lost one of the main contributors of food for the living beings. Plants have cells which have many amazing facts.


  1. The first thing that is wonderful about plant cells is that they are the only producers of food by self on earth.
  2. Next they have amazing features like chloroplasts, rigid cell wall and vacuole. Their features resemble those of animal cells.
  3. Plants retain a definite shape due to the rigid cell wall. They take in lots of water but the rigid cell wall helps them retain their shape.
  4. The vacuole is the storage place for the waste of plant cell.
  5. Chloroplasts help plants manufacture food through photosynthesis.
  6. Without sun, plants are not able to produce food. With energy derived from sun, plant cell converts carbon- di- oxide and water into carbohydrates and sugar and prepare food.
  7. One   sixth of the energy derived from sun is used by plants and remaining energy goes to human beings and animals in the form of sugar and carbohydrates and forms their food.
  8. Without plant cells and their features, food for plants is impossible.
  9. Plants need sunlight to maintain the growth of plant cells.
  10. Plant cell features like nucleus, membrane and mitochondria are similar to animal cells.

Many plants are very small but they have mini organs which are used for producing food. Without plant kingdom, man might have suffered a heavy loss in food production.

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Balancing Eco System Through Food Webs Like Pond Food Chain

Ecology is an important branch of Biology explaining the various aspects of eco system in the context of the survival of different living organisms and their impact on one another. Food chain or food web is a process in Ecology that explains the sequence of energy consumed by living beings through a chain of production and consumption.

Food chain is an essential aspect of survival on earth. Be it animal, man or a plant, depending upon one another for food is a very common environmental factor. Biologists make many interesting facts about food chains and make us understand how such factors are imperative for balancing the eco system.

Food chain

Without energy, living on earth is impossible and you need to derive energy for your life through one or the other food resource. Plants derive energy from sun and prepare their food. They are eaten by rabbits like small animals which are killed by big animals for their food which in turn are hunted by predators as their prey. So passing of energy among the living organisms is through a food chain and it happens to all terrestrial and aquatic creatures.

Pond food chain

Pond food chain is about the beings in the pond which extract energy through various food resources. The beings in the pond form a food chain to draw energy and survive. For example, it starts with algae like plants deriving energy from sun for preparing their food. Plant is eaten by snails in the pond. Fish roaming about in the pond eats both snail and plant and get energy out of it. Fish is eaten by birds and the chain goes on.

Algae, water lily, Elodea, cattails are some of the plants in pond starting the food chain from there. They provide food for small insects like midge larva, tadpole and wood peck. These insects and fish provide food for birds like tree swallow, great blue herron, and red wing black bird and so on.

food chain

Food chain is an important component in eco system to balance the survival of living organisms. Producers, consumers, abiotic components and decomposers are the natural agents for systematizing eco system and for transmitting energy from one living being to the other. Forest food webs and aquatic ones like pond food chains are invariably part of eco system.

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Will There Be Brick And Mortar Classrooms In Future

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online tutoring

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online computer science tutoring

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