10 Amazing Facts About Plant Cells

Plants are necessary food for animals and human beings. Without plants, earth would have lost one of the main contributors of food for the living beings. Plants have cells which have many amazing facts.


  1. The first thing that is wonderful about plant cells is that they are the only producers of food by self on earth.
  2. Next they have amazing features like chloroplasts, rigid cell wall and vacuole. Their features resemble those of animal cells.
  3. Plants retain a definite shape due to the rigid cell wall. They take in lots of water but the rigid cell wall helps them retain their shape.
  4. The vacuole is the storage place for the waste of plant cell.
  5. Chloroplasts help plants manufacture food through photosynthesis.
  6. Without sun, plants are not able to produce food. With energy derived from sun, plant cell converts carbon- di- oxide and water into carbohydrates and sugar and prepare food.
  7. One   sixth of the energy derived from sun is used by plants and remaining energy goes to human beings and animals in the form of sugar and carbohydrates and forms their food.
  8. Without plant cells and their features, food for plants is impossible.
  9. Plants need sunlight to maintain the growth of plant cells.
  10. Plant cell features like nucleus, membrane and mitochondria are similar to animal cells.

Many plants are very small but they have mini organs which are used for producing food. Without plant kingdom, man might have suffered a heavy loss in food production.

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