Top 40 Uses Of Your Smartphone At School


Did you know that you could indeed use your smartphone at school for purposes other than entertainment? Yeah, you can! There are umpteen uses for your smartphones everywhere and it may come as a surprise to you that they can be used at your school and can be used to help you learn better! Read on to learn 40 different uses of smartphones at school.

Fact Checking

Yep! You can cross check and verify facts with your handy smartphone and your teachers too can do the same now. Quick and easy!

Click pictures for educational purposes of course

Use pictures taken with your mobile for the purpose of illustration or presentation when taking seminars and so on.

Record videos and use them in projects and assignments

Experiments can be recorded by means of videos and they can be used in experiments and presentations for better impact.

Conduct tests and experiments

You can now conduct quizzes and tests with your mobile. There are many mobile apps that let students prepare quizzes and play against one another. This is specifically useful in the case of studies and research wherein it is important to record real time data. Teachers too can use it to gauge the knowledge level of their students.

Listen to the news

With subjects like economics and finance, it is important to stay abreast of happenings worldwide and reading the news is very important for that. Many teachers incorporate this into their teaching styles. Even tutors on online tutoring platforms do so to ensure effective learning of their students.

Learn word meanings with the dictionary

Whenever a student comes across a particularly difficult word, instead of having to ask the teacher, they may simply look up the dictionary on their mobiles.

Look up unfamiliar words in a foreign tongue

Similarly, the smartphone may be used to translate foreign words that students encounter in the course of their study.

Stay organized with the Calendar

Enter deadlines and schedules in your calendar to receive alerts and ensure that there are no delays in submissions.

Jot down ideas

Don’t have a paper and pen in hand but   have a brilliant   idea? Jot it down on your smartphone and use it later!

Music is the healer of the soul

Listening to music (not necessarily songs) has been proven to help studies effectively and students can now do so during breaks or before exams to get into the right frame of mind with their smartphones.

A picture is worth a 1000 words

In case you are visual learner, learning by means of pictures and images can come in extremely handy! Create and use mind maps and flash cards on your smartphones for better learning.

Review before exams

Quickly scroll through your material and review what you’ve learnt before exams with mind maps, index cards, flash cards, etc. Online tutors recommend a variety of different apps that help students revise in a jiffy and these have proven to be very useful.

Manage time with a stopwatch/timer

A stopwatch/timer can help you prepare better for your presentation or debate or any event that happens to be timed.

Enjoy reading with eBooks

Carry an entire library of books within the palm of your hand with your smartphone and read as many eBooks as you want!

Audio Recorders help you learn better

Voice recorders can be employed to record sessions and explanations and these can be reviewed at a later time for better clarity. One can do so while availing assignment help from tutors too and these can come in to be useful during revisions.

Find out about extra subject material

With a smartphone and an internet connection, it is easy to dig through the plethora of resources available and find references and texts that are relevant to the topic of study.

Use your camera for scanning documents

Document scanning is ever so easy with your camera! In fact, if you are assigned work at class, you can even deliver it via scanning if your teacher approves of it!

Use the scientific calculator

This is one of the most useful tools in a smartphone. It has a scientific calculator and does away with the need for you to bring one to class!

Editing videos

Edit your videos and add effects, text and what not with just your smartphone in hand! You can make your presentation much more interesting with such means.

Editing pictures

It is essentially the same as above, only you can edit pictures too!

Publish blogs

Does your class have a blog? Publish in it with the help of your smartphone! This will not only help improve your presentation and writing skills, it will also help you become popular in class.

Check out who is visiting your blog

Google Analytics is a cool way of tracking visitors to your blog and this helps you check how popular your blog is in your class/school.

Present better

Making presentations is ever so easy with the help of your smartphone. You can simply store your presentation online or on your mobile and project it!

Use your smartphone as a remote

While making a presentation, if you wish to switch between materials, you can make use of apps that help you do so with your mobile.

Communication is the key

In case you need to communicate with your teachers or admin staff, you can simply send them a text or use any messenger app to do so with your smartphone.

Learn and store a variety of formulae

Are science and math too difficult for you? Learn and store formulae with your mobile using apps that let you do so. In fact, this can assist in your homework too. You can look up stuff on your smartphone first and then look for homework help online in case you require further assistance.

Monitor noise levels in class

If you are the monitor and are in charge of the class, you would most certainly need this! You can now check the decibel levels in your class with a db meter and let your classmates know if they are loud and spare yourselves reprimand from teachers.

Notify and update periodically

Notifications and updates can be sent using smartphone apps periodically to students, parents and teachers and this serves multiple purposes.

Use maps to mark class locations

Students who are new to the region will find this very useful especially in colleges where the classrooms are located blocks and wings away. Just marking the location of the class rooms on Google Maps would be very helpful.

Take to the Social Media Networks

You can now connect with your Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus accounts with your handy smartphone. Apart from other uses, these have educational uses and you can follow SM networks for educational purposes too.

Improve diction and vocabulary

Whether you are learning a foreign language or a native one, you can use your smartphone to learn new words, their meanings and uses and master the languages with ease.

Keep track of your attendance

You can now monitor your attendance records with your smartphone. Yep, it’s as easy as that!

Monitor and assess the work of students

This one is for teachers! Keeping track of the performance of students, their project work and course work is ever so easy with smartphones and many teachers are employing them to good use.

You don’t need a watch to check time

The mobile phone has become the watch of today and people check it to tell time.

Beat boredom

The smartphone has a truckload of features to keep students interested in academics and there is simply no need for students to worry about boredom. In fact, many teachers are coming up with various ways of using the smartphone to keep their students engaged in classes.

Notes sharing

As stated above, teachers are employing the mobile phone to make studies easier for students and sharing of notes using the smartphone is one way to do so. Teachers share notes via this medium as opposed to handing out bulky photocopies.

Interactive whiteboards

There are many mobile apps such as digital whiteboards and interactive whiteboards that have a lot of uses for teachers as well as students.

Monitor weather to schedule outdoor lessons

In case a teacher wishes to schedule outdoor activities or lessons, they can do so after checking the weather using apps on mobile phones.

Gauge productivity

This is useful for both teachers and students for they can check out the time spent on an activity.

Have fun

Students can now play and learn side by side! Yep, there are many games that are too much fun but also educational.


Smartphones have penetrated aspects of our lives and we can employ them to good use in the educational sector as well. The above 40 ways illustrate how students can use the smartphone to manage their schedules and learn effectively.

Tips To Remember How Math Logarithmic Notation Works

Logarithms are really fun and interesting, but I have seen many students find changing logarithmic notation to exponential notation and vice versa quite confusing. Well here are some useful tips to make you remember that this conversion is simpler than you have expected.

The exponential form is where we have the base number multiplied according the exponent to get the answer. Here is an example from online math tutor:

When you multiply 2 four times you get 16. That is 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 = 16.

This can be written in the exponential form as 24 = 16. Let’s look deeper into this notation:


Let’s now try to follow how we can convert the exponential notation to the logarithmic notation:


As show above, both the exponential notation and the logarithmic notation have the same base number. Next, there is an exchange in the exponent and answer while writing it in the logarithmic notation.

This can be better understood with an example:

Convert 34 = 81 from an exponential notation to logarithmic notation.

Here 3 is the base number which will remain the same even in the logarithmic form.

We have 4 as the exponent and 81is the answer which can be written as:


Did you get a little hold of this method? Good let me show you one more example:

Convert 52 = 25 from exponential form to logarithmic form.

Everyone likes the 5 times table, for some reason it’s quite easy to memorize.

Here observe 5 is the base number and 2 happens to be the exponent. Multiplying 5 x 5 gives 25 as the answer. Now converting the exponential form to logarithmic form:


Taking a step further, let us now convert the logarithmic notation into exponential notation applying the same process backwards.

Convert log4 64 = 3 from logarithmic notation to exponential notation.

Here the given logarithmic notation can be changed to exponential notation by keeping the base number 4 the same. Follow the steps below:


Hence the exponential notation for the given question is 43 = 64.

Good so far! Now, have you ever observed some logarithms written without a base?

For example, notations like log 5, log 16 or log 150. Are they really without any base number? The answer is NO! They have a base number which is 10 it’s called the common base.

Hence, logarithms with base number 10 are called common logarithms. This can be shown as below:


Convert the given exponential form 103 = 1000 to logarithmic form?

Here we have the base number for the exponential form as 10, so the final answer will be a common logarithm. Hence we can write the given question into a logarithmic notation as follows:


So the final answer is log (1000) = 3. [Not to forget it still has a base 10.]

Now you are familiar with the logarithmic notation and ready to change exponential notation into logarithmic notation. But remember logarithms does not stop here, these are just few useful tips to get you started with the logarithmic notation.

Read more – Solving Logarithmic Equations

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The Essay Writer: Get Expert Assistance to Draft Error Free Essays

essay writers Do you face problems while writing error-free essays? Do you wish to get into writing but poor at grammar basics? Tutor Pace can help. We provide you expert essay writers from around the world who assists you with writing error-free essays. Now days, schools and colleges are putting emphasizes on making students focus on writing more. Hence, essays and articles are included in assignments which are ultimately assessed by tutors for assessments.

Writing essays can be easy for those who have strong grammar basics and regularly practice it. Some of the most common problems faced by students while writing essays are:

  • Lack of grammar basics
  • Lack of flow of ideas
  • Unable to find words to make sentences
  • Unable to structure article well

These problems are common and hence must be resolved at early stages only. Our tutors understand these problems and adopt tips & tricks to help you draft error free essays. In our one to one tutoring, students are first validated and then their weak points are noted down. Tutors then work towards building their weak areas strong and making you proficient in writing error free essays.

Along with this, our tutors provide expert assistance with homework, assignments and exam preparation.  After taking our writing sessions, you will be able to draft high quality and error free essays without much hassle. If you wish to master the art of writing then tutor pace is one stop shop solution for all your needs.

Learn to Read Effectively in Our Online Reading Tutoring

Learn to Read

Do you feel trouble while reading properly? Do you wish to possess great reading skills? The need for learn to read is consistently being growing due to schools putting more emphasizes on including reading as a crucial assessment criteria. Reading helps a student to understand the concepts clearly. Hence, tutor pace offers reading tutoring where well-versed tutors help students to master the skill of reading effectively.

Here are few benefits of reading good:

  • Gives you better understanding of the concept
  • Expands your vocabulary
  • Acts as a stress buster
  • Improves your memory
  • Stronger analytical thinking skills
  • Improved focus and concentration

These benefits can help students to score well in class. Our tutors offer one-to-one tutoring to students and help them adopt tips & tricks that can enhance their reading power. Here are few benefits of our reading sessions:

  • Similar to real classrooms
  • Round the clock availability of tutors
  • Assistance in wide-array of subjects
  • Help with homework, projects and assignments
  • Extensive preparation for exams
  • Access to our e-learning portal round the clock

After one or two classes, students would be able to find differences in their reading performance themselves. It will enhance their understanding of concepts.

To conclude, if you wish to learn the art of reading and master it then tutor pace can help you with it effectively. Our classes provide you flexibility and liberty to decide your own learning schedules.

How pre algebra studies lead you to master Algebra effectively?

pre algebra help Pre algebra makes your way to understand Algebra perfectly

Algebra is a branch of mathematics which is considered to be not less than a rocket science by most of students at school level. The main reason behind this trauma is that they have not studied the concepts of pre algebra. It is quite imperative for all students to master pre algebra in a systematic manner; if they want to understand Algebra in entirety. Opting for online pre algebra help is a great idea in the very beginning so that you may not have to face insurmountable problems at later stages.

What makes pre algebra tougher to understand?

What makes pre algebra a herculean task for students includes whole numbers, powers of ten and scientific notations, decimals and power exponents and roots. Various students give up in the very beginning without expert pre algebra help. It is very necessary for students to study pre algebra in an effective manner so that it may turn out to be rewarding in the long run. To overcome the intriguing concepts of Algebra, it is important to choose a well experienced tutor who can transfer his or her knowledge to students in an innovative and practical way.

Why to choose online pre algebra help?

  • Online pre Algebra tutors offer pre algebra help as per students’ bent of mind and inclination.
  • They explain the complexities and complicated algebraic terms in an easily understandable manner.
  • While having a session with online Algebra tutors, students can keep raising their doubts and queries till they grasp all the problematic concepts.

Biology Online Tutoring –Easy Methods to Learn Complex Terminologies!

Biology Online Tutoring

Biology should be an interesting aspect of learning for many for the fact it talks about your anatomy, its function and that of all the living beings. Still, its complex terminologies are brain storming and hard for mental retention. Take Biology Online Tutoring from Tutor Pace to get across the ideas and concepts in the subject with minimum complexity.

Some general tips for learning Biology

  •   As afore said, Biological terms are complex and need breaking up into simple terms to understand their root. Do that first and understand the essence of the terminologies to proceed further in the subject. You could use flash cards also to remember the terminologies.
  •  Start from the general topics to the specific ones. Familiarize yourself with the general ideas of a topic before entering their specific details.
  •   Draw and learn the parts of any organism or its function. It gets imprinted in your mind easily and stays for a longer time
  •  Do your lab work with involvement, as Biology is basically a hands on subject where you need to show participation to understand the essential ideas behind any topic
  •   Practice exam questions of the previous year wit the help of sample answers. It helps you gain confidence during test hours.

All these ideas are easy to do with high end results, if you get into rapport with the online tutors for Biology from Tutor Pace. They follow the same methods and many more for that matter to encourage you in the right mode while sitting with Biology homework or test prep or assignment writing.

Collaborate with our tutors for good Biology prep and excellent results.

Trigonometry Help Online- Bringing Trig Functions and Identities within Your Reach

Trigonometry Help OnlineTrigonometry, right from the age of Greeks, has been in use for measuring long distances between earth and stars and so on. Learning sides and angles of triangles is an interesting and important tool of Math for its various applications in different fields.

Different areas where Trig is indispensable in use

Right from Aeronautics, Astronomy, Civil Engineering and Marine Engineering to Science research, Trig application is an invariable one. To measure a  tower or your roof, you need to calculate the measurements of the angles in the apparent triangles  there and thus Trig learning is not  such a  cast away matter as you deem it to be. All you need to do is to take care of the Sine, Cosine and Tangent and other aspects of Trigonometry at their root level and get into knowing the concepts without any confusion and doubt.

Online Trigonometry help for weeding out weak spots

Online Trigonometry help is the right approach to do away with all pending obscurities in the subject while doing homework or test prep. Your ideas get blocked when you are not able to move ahead with a Trig sum based on Pythagoras Theorem or right angle triangle.  Help for Trigonometry from Tutor Pace unwinds all such stressful moments in your Trig work and steps you up for better knowledge in the subject with efficient tutoring through our experts in the subject who are ready to spend quality time with you.

Get unto the top with our Trigonometry help and ace all Trig related tasks with ease and excellence through our effective and timely tutoring.

The tips that brilliant students use to get excellent grades in Trigonometry

Trigonometry helpA few basic words on Trigonometry

Trigonometry is one of the computational components of geometry. What distinguishes it from the rest of geometry is the trig that depends upon the measurement of angle and quantities that are determined by the measure of that particular angle. Trigonometry heavily deals with questions that are based on ratios and angles. In the beginning, the students even with more than average intellectual properties may find it hard to comprehend the complications of this subject, but with some good Trigonometry help, they can understand it easily and in proper manner.

 Going online for extra Trigonometry help is what makes sense

In the age of information technology where globe has become a small village, the ways of study have also undergone a drastic change. Going online for extra help in any subject is a way of students’ life these days. The online Trigonometry help aims at clarifying and explaining all complex concepts to students with innovative and interactive ideas. It’s also a proven fact that online help has always been producing awesome results.

Why go online for fruitful help? Here are the reasons

  • Through online Trigonometry help, you learn all the basic concepts with easy-to-understand examples.
  •  Each tutorial consists of try-it-out-yourself worksheets.
  • Students get sufficient material for practice with clearer explanations.
  •  While spotting common errors, online tutors extend necessary guidance, making learning simpler and enjoying.
  • Students are free to keep raising the same query or question till they grab a particular concept in entirety.

Find Math Tutors Online for Improving Your Math Skills – Read These Ideas before That!

Math Tutors Find Math Tutors Online for Improving Your Math Skills – Read These Ideas before That!

Math is an essential skill in academics and life as well. A variety of jobs need Math skills as their basic credential like medical profession, engineers, software professionals, finance analysts and so on. On many occasions, you need Math skills to act prudently and prove yourself smart in life as in finance investment, tour planning, purchase, building your home, planning your garden etc.

How to master Math skills?-Read this and get more information from Math tutors online

  • First read Math ideas or  listen to them  through a teacher or video lecture and try to understand them
  • Then you use them through applying them in problems and answering questions
  • Try to understand the fact that all formulae originate in basic Math ideas which you need to comprehend for better understanding of their essence and not memorizing the formulae
  • Reading Math ideas requires   time as you need to elaborate and understand them. So write out, sketch out and re read the ideas till you get unto them
  • Do your work outs neatly to give you the pride of doing it fine and legible
  • Concentrate on one idea  at a time so that you could understand it well without room for doubt
  • It is not how many pages you cover in Math but how clearly  you understand the concept- take care of this aspect of Math

When you are not able to do all these, connect to Math tutors of Tutor Pace and hone the best skills of Math through their innovative strategies for scoring better.

Some useful and dependable techniques on how to regain self-confidence in Algebra

Algebra online tutoring

If finding unfruitful, change the way of learning

Algebra is one of the most intriguing branches of mathematics that requires fully personalized, one-to-one and expert help from qualified tutors to comprehend. Most students find it hard to overcome their weaknesses in the subject and give up in the very beginning. Most of the time, what is taught in the traditional classrooms is not sufficient to grab the gist of this puzzling subject. Students simply need to change the way of learning if they are not getting expected results.

Cutting-edge advantages of opting for online classroom:

  • An online algebra tutor assigns a number of problem-based questions to understand the idea in a clear perspective.
  • Algebra online tutoring explains the A-Z concepts of the subject, starting from basic level to the complex one to the learners.
  • Online algebra tutoring gives students regular practice material to enhance their knowledge and make them familiar with essential aspects of the subject.
  • Algebra tutoring provides all the support that is needed to complete the classroom assignments to keep the students in tune with the school curriculum.
  • Online algebra tutoring helps students to catch out the missed out sessions of their regular classrooms and don’t let them fall behind in algebra classes.

Online tutors are interactive, experienced and friendly

The online tutor that you choose works for you and with you undauntedly, until you overcome all the problematic areas in the subject. During online algebra tutoring session, your tutor makes use of the interactive whiteboard to find absolute solutions of all the algebraic problems.