Top 40 Uses Of Your Smartphone At School


Did you know that you could indeed use your smartphone at school for purposes other than entertainment? Yeah, you can! There are umpteen uses for your smartphones everywhere and it may come as a surprise to you that they can be used at your school and can be used to help you learn better! Read on to learn 40 different uses of smartphones at school.

Fact Checking

Yep! You can cross check and verify facts with your handy smartphone and your teachers too can do the same now. Quick and easy!

Click pictures for educational purposes of course

Use pictures taken with your mobile for the purpose of illustration or presentation when taking seminars and so on.

Record videos and use them in projects and assignments

Experiments can be recorded by means of videos and they can be used in experiments and presentations for better impact.

Conduct tests and experiments

You can now conduct quizzes and tests with your mobile. There are many mobile apps that let students prepare quizzes and play against one another. This is specifically useful in the case of studies and research wherein it is important to record real time data. Teachers too can use it to gauge the knowledge level of their students.

Listen to the news

With subjects like economics and finance, it is important to stay abreast of happenings worldwide and reading the news is very important for that. Many teachers incorporate this into their teaching styles. Even tutors on online tutoring platforms do so to ensure effective learning of their students.

Learn word meanings with the dictionary

Whenever a student comes across a particularly difficult word, instead of having to ask the teacher, they may simply look up the dictionary on their mobiles.

Look up unfamiliar words in a foreign tongue

Similarly, the smartphone may be used to translate foreign words that students encounter in the course of their study.

Stay organized with the Calendar

Enter deadlines and schedules in your calendar to receive alerts and ensure that there are no delays in submissions.

Jot down ideas

Don’t have a paper and pen in hand but   have a brilliant   idea? Jot it down on your smartphone and use it later!

Music is the healer of the soul

Listening to music (not necessarily songs) has been proven to help studies effectively and students can now do so during breaks or before exams to get into the right frame of mind with their smartphones.

A picture is worth a 1000 words

In case you are visual learner, learning by means of pictures and images can come in extremely handy! Create and use mind maps and flash cards on your smartphones for better learning.

Review before exams

Quickly scroll through your material and review what you’ve learnt before exams with mind maps, index cards, flash cards, etc. Online tutors recommend a variety of different apps that help students revise in a jiffy and these have proven to be very useful.

Manage time with a stopwatch/timer

A stopwatch/timer can help you prepare better for your presentation or debate or any event that happens to be timed.

Enjoy reading with eBooks

Carry an entire library of books within the palm of your hand with your smartphone and read as many eBooks as you want!

Audio Recorders help you learn better

Voice recorders can be employed to record sessions and explanations and these can be reviewed at a later time for better clarity. One can do so while availing assignment help from tutors too and these can come in to be useful during revisions.

Find out about extra subject material

With a smartphone and an internet connection, it is easy to dig through the plethora of resources available and find references and texts that are relevant to the topic of study.

Use your camera for scanning documents

Document scanning is ever so easy with your camera! In fact, if you are assigned work at class, you can even deliver it via scanning if your teacher approves of it!

Use the scientific calculator

This is one of the most useful tools in a smartphone. It has a scientific calculator and does away with the need for you to bring one to class!

Editing videos

Edit your videos and add effects, text and what not with just your smartphone in hand! You can make your presentation much more interesting with such means.

Editing pictures

It is essentially the same as above, only you can edit pictures too!

Publish blogs

Does your class have a blog? Publish in it with the help of your smartphone! This will not only help improve your presentation and writing skills, it will also help you become popular in class.

Check out who is visiting your blog

Google Analytics is a cool way of tracking visitors to your blog and this helps you check how popular your blog is in your class/school.

Present better

Making presentations is ever so easy with the help of your smartphone. You can simply store your presentation online or on your mobile and project it!

Use your smartphone as a remote

While making a presentation, if you wish to switch between materials, you can make use of apps that help you do so with your mobile.

Communication is the key

In case you need to communicate with your teachers or admin staff, you can simply send them a text or use any messenger app to do so with your smartphone.

Learn and store a variety of formulae

Are science and math too difficult for you? Learn and store formulae with your mobile using apps that let you do so. In fact, this can assist in your homework too. You can look up stuff on your smartphone first and then look for homework help online in case you require further assistance.

Monitor noise levels in class

If you are the monitor and are in charge of the class, you would most certainly need this! You can now check the decibel levels in your class with a db meter and let your classmates know if they are loud and spare yourselves reprimand from teachers.

Notify and update periodically

Notifications and updates can be sent using smartphone apps periodically to students, parents and teachers and this serves multiple purposes.

Use maps to mark class locations

Students who are new to the region will find this very useful especially in colleges where the classrooms are located blocks and wings away. Just marking the location of the class rooms on Google Maps would be very helpful.

Take to the Social Media Networks

You can now connect with your Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus accounts with your handy smartphone. Apart from other uses, these have educational uses and you can follow SM networks for educational purposes too.

Improve diction and vocabulary

Whether you are learning a foreign language or a native one, you can use your smartphone to learn new words, their meanings and uses and master the languages with ease.

Keep track of your attendance

You can now monitor your attendance records with your smartphone. Yep, it’s as easy as that!

Monitor and assess the work of students

This one is for teachers! Keeping track of the performance of students, their project work and course work is ever so easy with smartphones and many teachers are employing them to good use.

You don’t need a watch to check time

The mobile phone has become the watch of today and people check it to tell time.

Beat boredom

The smartphone has a truckload of features to keep students interested in academics and there is simply no need for students to worry about boredom. In fact, many teachers are coming up with various ways of using the smartphone to keep their students engaged in classes.

Notes sharing

As stated above, teachers are employing the mobile phone to make studies easier for students and sharing of notes using the smartphone is one way to do so. Teachers share notes via this medium as opposed to handing out bulky photocopies.

Interactive whiteboards

There are many mobile apps such as digital whiteboards and interactive whiteboards that have a lot of uses for teachers as well as students.

Monitor weather to schedule outdoor lessons

In case a teacher wishes to schedule outdoor activities or lessons, they can do so after checking the weather using apps on mobile phones.

Gauge productivity

This is useful for both teachers and students for they can check out the time spent on an activity.

Have fun

Students can now play and learn side by side! Yep, there are many games that are too much fun but also educational.


Smartphones have penetrated aspects of our lives and we can employ them to good use in the educational sector as well. The above 40 ways illustrate how students can use the smartphone to manage their schedules and learn effectively.

Nail Econ Concepts And Score High With An Online Economics Tutor

Economics is quite an important subject in the commerce stream and it is important that students understand it well for it has extensive applications in many fields. Economics is all about the economy, how it is affected by various internal and global factors and how factors are interlinked to one another. While to some the subject may sound dull, to others it is the object of curiosity and interest. If you wish to pursue your major in econ, it is important to get the fundamentals right and an online economics tutor can help you in this regard. Here are a few tips to help you learn economics easily.

online economics tutor

Preparation is the key to success

Before you go into a lecture or class, ensure that you are aware of the topic and do your ground-work well before class. It is always better to be prepared and have an idea of what the lecture is going to be about and only then go for the class. In higher grades, as you prepare for your classes, it will become easier to understand what is being taught and you can get your doubts clarified by the time the lecture/class is over and thus come out of it enlightened.

Take notes

This is one concept that some students consider almost alien and yet this is sure to help them learn better and here’s how. When a student takes notes, he/she puts down her understanding of the concept of what is being taught and in most cases writing things down helps in better understanding. This is because when students write things down, they summaries their learning and out it into words and identify areas that they are not clear about.

Review your notes

Once the class/lecture is over, review your notes. This will help you revise the topic as well as identify things that are as yet unclear and thus highlight your level of understanding. Once the problem areas are identified, you may approach your teacher or an online tutor providing economics homework help to get your doubts clarified.

Apply your learning

Since economics is all about global factors that affect the economy and economic trends, you can apply what you’ve learnt and try to understand the news. You can choose to watch programs that are economics oriented and see if you are able to understand why a particular thing happens or the reason behind it and so on. When you apply what you learn, you are more than prepared for a career in economics! Also, it helps you understand application of theories and how things are affected in real world scenarios.

Do not miss workshops and on campus lecture sessions

Most universities and colleges come up with guest lecture programs wherein eminent speakers and professors are called upon to talk about various trending topics in the subject. Do not miss such sessions for they will help in improving your exposure levels and also get you to think. Similarly, workshops hone and refine your skills and you mustn’t miss them at any cost.

Do your assignments and projects diligently

Working on assignments and projects with sufficient ground work will help you nail important concepts and thus score very well in exams. Get economics assignment help and get all your doubts clarified from experts in the subject to ensure good understanding and also to make sure that you turn in good quality assignments that are sure to fetch good grades.


With preparedness, proper attendance in classes and tutoring sessions with subject experts, students can easily learn the nitty-gritty of economics and score good grades in the subjects. Tutoring lessons help students work on their problem areas and master them so as to ensure that they perform well in assignments, projects and exams. This is sure to result in good grades and consequently a good GPA.

Economics Assignment Help-Exclusive Help For Easy Understanding Of Topics

Economics is a theory based subject making one understand the economic concepts, theories and policies of his country and those of other countries. Knowing economic terms and concepts is good for improving one’ s knowledge of the current affairs of his country and for his financial dealings regarding tax payments, investments and other such areas.

Why learning Economics is tough?

Learning Economics is not an easy pie for many students since it underlines many hard factors and complex ideas while explaining the economic concepts of countries and the concurrent behavior of the society from various angles. Further, it is mainly theory oriented and as such may not be the favorite of learners who are more prone to hands on activities   in learning.

Online Economics tutor

In such a scenario, writing Economics assignments is a laborious task for students and they require some external help to overcome the hardships they come across in dealing with the tough spots of Economics assignments.

Economics assignment help online- easy solutions for complex laws in Economics

Microeconomics laws like Law of Demand or Law of Supply can trigger troubles for students while attempting graphing questions or analyzing complex areas in subject matter. Many students lack in the fundamental aspects of understanding Microeconomics laws and thus they are not able to answer questions that are tricky on such topics. Economics assignment help through virtual tutors is the way to solve tricky issues in Microeconomics topics and score fabulously in assignments.

Why you need online Economics tutor?

Online Economics tutor knows ways and means to make students decipher the crux of the matter in any intricate Economics topics with his long lasting experience in dealing with intriguing subject matter in international trade, inflation, unemployment and other such areas of Macroeconomics. With his white board teaching, he knows how to tackle the learning issues of students and bring positive results in their learning process.

One more thing in learning Economics is the need for updating the knowledge of students about the present policies and theories of international Economics and it becomes highly possible in the hands of virtual Economics tutors who are experts in keeping students abreast of the latest details and events in national and international Economics and also relate the details for the better subject insights of students.

Economics homework help-why students should fetch it?

With the plethora of assignments swarming around them, students feel pressurized to work meticulously for subjects that drag their attention towards researching the net for their theory based details. Economics is one such subject and many students struggle without getting proper subject details and have no patience and time to look into them as well. Online Economics homework help is the best resort for such students since the tutors help students with homework solutions that are apt hitting the nail on the head with proper explanations.

When students interact with online tutors in Economics for their homework queries, they are able to save time and get the best sort of homework help through right approaches and proper strategies for dealing with tough Economics concepts and beat out others in the class with right homework solutions.


Learning Economics needs analytical skills, logical approach and critical thinking abilities on the part of students. An eye for details and sorting out the best of the material for project presentation and homework assignment is also essential for Economics learners who want to stand apart from others in the class.

Economics online tutoring is the right measure for students who want to cross an extra mile in their subject learning or for those who wish to catch up with the subject matter.

Easy Solutions For Finance Topics Under One Roof Via Finance Assignment Help Online

Finance is a subject that deals with monetary transactions like raising and investing funds in business. It is related to topics in marketing, business management and operation technology and involves intricate concepts for analysis. Learning Finance is a good option as it leads to many new portals in career and heads students into new pastures of learning in their advanced courses.

assignment help

Doing assignments in Finance topics is not an easy task as it demands skills of drafting, collecting statistical data and graphing from students. Anyhow, they have online tutoring sources as their stand by and can cope with any Finance related tasks through their help. The easiest way to score high grades in Finance assignments is through seeking Finance assignment help online and breezing through difficulties in doing Finance topics in a short span of time.

Seeking Finance assignment help online is for your best scores

Finance deals with three major areas like Corporate Business Finance, Investments and Finance Markets and Institutions. When Corporate Finance deals with the decisions of a company in areas of Finance and investment actions, Investments deals with short term securities like marketable securities and long term securities like stocks and bonds. Learning about Financial Markets is important for knowing the transactions between users and servers of funds.

All the topics in Finance demand well researched material for assignment topics and students have to spend lots of time on web search and gather information. The relevance of the material and the reference styles expected can take much of time from students in preparing their assignments in Finance. Qualified and certified tutors are available in the tutoring field and they render 24/7 services with personalized sessions for assignment help in Finance and thus help students reduce their burden in doing assignments in the subject.

Why to seek Financial Accounting assignment help?

Financial Accounting deals with writing financial statements or reports about the financial transactions of a company. Financial statements are made by way of income statement, cash flow statement and balance sheet. Writing assignments in Financial Accounting is based on these reports and it is actually a hectic work for students as each type of report needs a particular type of information. Financial Accounting assignment help from expert tutors in the subject helps students analyze the topics, research material and get good assignments written on the required topics.

Benefits of getting History assignment help

History is a very vast subject and to prepare assignment s in the subject topics is laborious and time taking. Tutoring sites offer History assignment help for political, economic, cultural history of a country to facilitate easy assignment writing for students. There are websites that offer tutors for students to browse web together for their topics, gather material and seek guidelines from tutors for their history assignments. With their coherent and well organized material, online writers in History make an interesting study of the aspects of the given topic in history and make students understand the historical facts via their lively presentation.


To be short, online assignment help for Finance, Finance Accounting and history is affordable, user friendly with on time delivery. The tutors lessen the burden of the students through their well researched and organized papers which are meant for creating unique insights about the topics given. Since the assignments are plagiarism free and error free, they lead to top scores in the subjects raising students’ grades to straight ‘A’s.

With everything done online, getting assignment help online is the way for smart learning with improved scores for assignments in tough subjects like Finance.

Some unfailing tips on how to understand concepts in Economics

Economics tutoringMaking efforts to grab the gist of the subject is necessary

Economics is the study of production, distribution and consumption of resources. To comprehend the intriguing concepts of this subject, excellent supporting hand is required. Tutor Pace’s expert teachers track down the weaknesses of students first, and then cater to students’ each and every economics need.  They find out the critical aspects of students and then suggest an effective strategy to understand the subject better.

Adopting newer ways of learning makes sense

Economics tutoring gets ahead with topic-based videos, interactive diagrams and animations to successfully grab the roots of economics. It provides various kinds of test papers such as model test papers, sample tests papers and past year papers to prepare students for their economics exam. Chapter-wise revision helps to complete the last minute preparation to give a significant hike on the score. Ultimately, economics tutoring at Tutor Pace is the right way to get an excellent grade in the subject.

Salient advantages of choosing an online tutor on Tutor Pace

  • Economics tutors explain the concepts with patience in which students have difficulty to grasp. The professional online economics tutors keep working with students until he or she is able to apply the concept independently.
  • Economics tutoring provided by online tutors teach students step by step and in a systematic way which is always super helpful to learn economics effectively.
  • Online economics tutors make the learning much more enjoyable by breaking down the complex topics of accounting into the simpler ones.
  •     They really help students for the preparation of their exams and get them to grab a better score.
  •     Economics tutors help students to successfully complete all their projects and assignments that are assigned to them by their class teachers.