How to Choose the Right Online Tutoring Service for Your Child?


Online tutoring services are reckoned as the best in the tutoring field and they do loom large in service so that picking out the right tutoring site has become a hazardous task indeed! How to choose the right tutor for your child is a million dollar question to ask.


  • Choose the one which is a familiar site to your friends, family and acquaintancesScreen Shot 2013-01-19 at 5.54.34 AM
  • Check the credentials and testimonials  of the online tutor
  • Find out the success rates and experience areas of the website to which he belongs
  • Verify whether the tutor has relevant experience in the subject you want him to teach your child and whether he is eligible enough to tutor the subject
  • Talk to the tutor and find out how far he is mentally suitable to handle your child
  • Check the functional aspects of the site like how far they monitor the tutoring sessions and how they feed back to you regarding the science tutor assessments and student feedbacks
  • Check out whether it is easy to connect to the tutor online and how far the system is feasible for you
  • Finally the affordability factor- you should not make a hole in your pocket by approaching a web based tutoring site- its cost effective coaching methods should be suitable for your monetary aspects.

Why is the choice of the tutor important?

  • There are a number of sites offering services- you have to pick out the most effective one
  • The tutor should not be just a  homework grinding mill- He should be able to provide a holistic approach towards your child
  • The tutor should explain and make himself an example in doing the homework- especially important for a Math online tutor– otherwise improvement for the child in its real sense is impossible.
  • Good handling of the interactive tools is mandatory. Otherwise, it will turn out to be a one man show and there will not be any room for interaction and development of learning skills.


Hence, it is clear that choosing the right tutor is essential for improving your child’s overall development.



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