Online Tutoring VS Private Tutor: What’s the difference between an Online Tutoring and a Private Tutor?

The days are gone when private tutoring was just the subject to think of wealthy people. It is now widely acceptable to everyone with the reason that there is lots of competition in the academic field and personalized help is available at affordable price with the advent of technology.

Online Tutoring

  • Online tutoring offers learning at home using computer and internet
  • Online tutoring is often taken as on demand help and assistance to work out with homework help, assignments and test preparation.
  • Online learning is the new way of tutoring where the student get free online tutoring chat
    with online tutors who is equipped with knowledge and not the tutor in personal.
  • Online tutoring offers good help especially to students in high school grade or college grade
  • Online tutor may not be same for the particular subject all throughout your academic year. Hence, you may not convey exactly your weaknesses, gaps in understanding or difficulties in the subject. This may give negative effect on your grades in the school.
  • Online tutoring gives new experience especially with tech savvy student. Student get chance to use new technology and explore the world of Internet to carry out research on their subjects.
  • Online tutoring is a good option when you seek assignment and homework help in theoretical subjects.
  • Online tutoring can be very affordable option with cutting down the transportation that cost in private tutoring.

Private Tutoring

  • Tutor comes to the student’s home for private tutoring
  • Private tutoring merely works as a contract for the entire academic year giving a kind of guarantee to get higher grades in the subject with personal attention.
  • Private tutoring is the foundation of attending student in personalized way creating warm relation between the student and the teacher.
  • The eye contact, body language and face-to-face conversation in private tutoring is beneficial for students of elementary grade.
  • The experienced tutor can identify the student’s understanding level, knowledge gaps and difficulties in the subjects. They can analyze the student’s weaknesses in understanding the subject and target directly to problem areas.
  • Private tutoring is the option for students who prefers the conventional way of learning (not tech savvy)
  • Private tutoring at home is perfect when you seek help in practical subjects like playing instruments etc.
  • Private tutoring can be an expensive option as tutor personally devote a specific period of time with you for the almost entire year.
  • Private tutors offer combination of both online tutoring (with email) and personal tutoring at student’s home

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  1. Thanks to this article, a lot of my doubts about hiring a Vancouver tutor have been eliminated. Now, I am certain that paying for tutoring services is a great investment. I have decided to go for a tutor who offers in-home, private mentoring classes for my child. Do you have any advice on what questions I should ask the tutor before hiring him or her?

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