Online Tutoring: Why it is possible to learn a mathematical concept on Online Tutoring Sites?

Often people get confused with the possibilities to learn mathematical concepts on Online Tutoring sites. They mystify thinking about how online tutoring websites teach complex Math theorems or principles, geometry lessons describing a line segment or angles and arithmetic concepts of area or perimeter. They are eager to know about the technology that can replace the physical blackboard to electronic tool that facilitate tutor drawing Math diagrams. The answer is here itself; the electronic tool used by online tutoring sites to make learning Math online is an Interactive White Board.

Interactive whiteboard, the latest development in education industry gives teaching and learning a unique experience. These tutoring sites allow students to get free online tutoring chat with online tutors. Various types of interactive board are widely found in a virtual classroom and distant learning centers. The online tutor or presenter teaches lessons where student sitting at distant place can see the teacher’s activity on the screen and hear his/her voice broad casted. White board can take many forms; however, most essential features that help learning Math concepts online are as follows:

  • Control computer from the interactive whiteboard surface using proprietary software.
  • Feature to project a screen from computer to the whiteboard surface to view diagrams in bigger size.
  • Ability to capture notes, drawings from the surface to computer/printer.
  • Gives better way to present inherently graphical subjects like 3D Graphics and animations.
  • Ability to record sessions and create audio/video files to replay it for a later time.
  • Allows watching audio/video and movie files.
  • Facilitate playing Math game and quizzes in groups.
  • Allows editing of documents in the group.
  • Allow surfing the Internet from the surface of the whiteboard.
  • Support multi device inputs like human finger, electromagnetic pen, and resistive touch.

Additionally, the software in the whiteboard helps kids to teach units, tens and hundreds with coloring activities associated with geometrical shapes and cultivates color sense. It helps tutors to form theme of algebra with drag and drop method, measurement of angles and explore know how about area and volume with changing shape and color of the grid. The interactive whiteboard software application allows performing activities like matching and counting on its surface develops an aptitude for rational thinking in the children. Elder students can learn data handling and create four quadrant graph, grid or isometric figures.

Interactive Whiteboard not only gives possibility to learn a mathematical concepts on Online Tutoring sites but it makes learning less strenuous, engrossing and of more fun. Online Math learning widens student’s personal skill to maximize with more refined ideas and concepts on the topic

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