What Online Tutoring Companies Have The Best User Interfaces (UIs)?

When it comes to tutoring on the Internet, Graphical User Interface (GUI) carries lots of importance to online tutoring companies. Tutor Pace Inc. offers one of the best user interfaces making distance learning more easily, comfortable and live for both student and tutor.Some tutoring sites allow students to get free online tutoring chat with online tutors.

A new cloud based interactive white board used by the Tutor Pace offer platform of two-way communication while online tutoring. It is an electronic white board that can be connected with computer/ laptop and projector facilitate to communicate and interact between student and tutor located at distant place. The functions like writing, drawing and controlling is performed with the help of human finger or digital pen eliminating the use of mouse and keyword.

White board sharing is a very essential feature of online tutoring that is offered by Tutor Pace. The integrated part of white board can be shared between tutor and student that allow them to work together while writing or drawing. It allows sharing Math tools like calculator, equation editor, shapes and function graphic etc. The sharing system allows tutor to share study material like homework help, assignments, and test papers to the student. In return, a student can share finished homework and assignments, solved test papers back to their tutors. In reply, the tutor can mark and comment homework, assignments etc. submitted by the student. The student can also upload new files, documents and images in their account offered by the system.

Tutor pace offers another way of two-way communication with instant messaging on computer/laptop attached to the white board. With live chat box, a student can ask queries and doubts which are solved immediately from the reply given by the tutor. At the same time, the tutor can immediately ask if the student has understood the topic clearly.

Tutor Pace enables audio/video communication with the help of interactive white board. It supplements instant messaging service facilitating communication in a better way. The voice conversation gives the comfort level to both student and tutor in the same way like communicating in a traditional classroom.

White board also features recording of conduct session and replay of recorded sessions at the convenience of the student. It helps student revising their lessons at the time of test preparation, homework help etc.

Thus, Tutor Pace Inc., a leading tutoring service uses advanced technology with an aim to give their students and tutors the replica of the physical classroom in its best way.

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