Mathematics that relate real-time application of triangles

Trigonometry helpTrigonometry is the subject that deals with triangles and its relationship. Hence, anything or any application that is related to triangles requires the study of trigonometry.

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The fundamental of periodic functions are trigonometry Sine and Cosine functions. It is used to draw the graph of light and sound waves.

Architecture use trigonometry to calculate arches, domes, roof slopes, structural load, suspension bridges, support beams, ground surface and other aspects like light and shading angles. Trigonometry plays important role in developing building plans. It helps architectures to plan the designs of unique buildings ensuring their capacity to withstand inside and outside pressures. Pyramids of Giza in Egypt, one of the seven wonders of world shows the primitive forms of trigonometry. Jantar Mantar observatory is another best example that describe major role of trigonometry in calculating distance between pathways and stellar objects.

Astronomers use Trigonometry to find distance between celestial bodies. The method of parallax, relate the study of movement of stars against the background as earth orbit the sun. It is used to discover important information about the galaxy. Menelaus theorem is used to gather information of spherical triangle calculation of different celestial bodies.

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