What are Major Areas of Preparing for SAT?

Group of students studying in classroomThe students preparing for SAT require lot of practice work in order to get good score and thus increase their chances to get admission in top ranking college. Internet is full with variety of resources to access SAT practice problems, English literature practice and Questions and Answers.

Math I SAT practice worksheets comprises of problems that assess your knowledge gained from one year of Geometry and two years of Algebra, which makes in total three years of college preparatory mathematics. Your performance indicate your interest in pursuing Math-based study courses like engineering, science, technology, economics, etc. Math II includes Math I; however, it offer more advanced practice problems pertaining to trigonometry, precalculus. Your performance highlights your abilities and aptitude in higher-level mathematics.

Another area of SAT preparation is dealing with Science subjects. If you are planning to major in science subjects like pharmacy or medicine then prepare for Biology-M or Biology-E subjects. It comprises of SAT Questions and Answers that gives practice on major biology concepts learned in high school. Biology-M comprises of questions pertaining to biochemistry, cellular structure and processes, photosynthesis or respiration. Biology-E includes questions related to populations and energy flow, biological communities, etc. Chemistry worksheets comprises of problems that give an idea of your ability and aptitude towards this subject. Physics SAT preparation assess your understanding of subject learned in high school as well as your problem-solving and reasoning skills derived from lab work.

Next area is developing skills and experts for SAT English literature section. Your performance gives you opportunity to highlight strengths in reading and interpreting literary text. There are 6-8 sets of questions on the test, each based on different literary text.

Online Tutoring Is A Good Investment For Great Returns In Education!

Any investment is in expectation of some good returns and good money should never be spent on bad investments. Online tutoring is a good investment in money, since it fetches great amount of value based education to the student with very fine educational yields.

How online tutoring is a good investment for education?

  • It is time saving and affordable
  • It enthralls a student towards positive learning modes
  • It gives pep to the mind and activates self learning activities
  • It professes the ideas of time management, self discipline and active participation in the learning process
  • It advocates proficiency in communication skills  through an open hearted talk between the tutor and tutee
  • It removes all mental blocks like anxiety, phobia and tension while doing a subject like Math  with the help of Math online tutoring
  • It puts forth solutions with solvers like Algebra solver to seek instant remedy for homework challenges
  • It promotes creativity as in Biology, where Biology tutors stimulate your drawing skills to draw diagrams with perfection
  • It accommodates global education that you feel no worry to reach out to your tutor
  • It is a perpetual help for all kinds of students regardless of age, religion , language and nation
  • It has learner centered goals and deadlines.

Tutor Pace. Com is an online site, well versed in expert tutoring to procure high dividends for student welfare.

Are You Prepared for College? SAT is The Best Answer!

Group of students studying in classroomStudents appear for the SAT exam with one goal in mind – ‘they want to somehow excel in the test’ and ‘get admission in a good college’. Now, this goal is realistic but what is even more important is to acknowledge the nature of SAT Questions and its significance.

SAT Math test, English Test, SAT general test, and any other SAT subject test do not consider specific syllabi because the tests include questions about anything and everything. It is more like ‘discovering a new subject for the first time’ or even better developing your interest level in a ‘not so interesting’ subject.

SAT prepares the student with the robust college level syllabi and more so a comprehensive approach at studying varied subject areas with a high intensity approach. SAT Questions and Answers prepare the students with the much appreciated passion for academics that helps them sit through a 4 hour lecture in the college.

The idea is that students who prepare for the SAT test will eventually gain more than those who do not prepare for the SAT. This is because of the exhaustive nature of the SAT syllabus that brings together intelligence, creativity and passion to succeed in college.

SAT by itself is not just a credential but it is much more than that because the SAT score card will prove to be an advantage to you every time you apply for a MBA scholarship, a new job, or even an internship for that matter. There are many advantages and doors to your future career success may open easily, all you have to do is give the SAT test your best shot! Good Luck!

SAT/ACT Tests Approaching Fast. Do You Have a Plan on How to Build a Routine?

college 1Every student goes through the apprehension about studying for the ACT test and this is obvious considering the whole clout surrounding it. The students think this way because may be they have not received urgent attention when it was required. Nobody likes to fail but success in College Board SAT exam can be found only by those who try to find it.  The student has the capacity to find success provided she follows certain routine. For instance, a reality check as to what is going on? And what is essential to be done?

Start small and then achieve bigger things:

  • Rise and shine in early morning:The student should sleep early to rise early and utilize the dawn time for studying. This time is the best to study and it retains all the knowledge you require about each College Board subject test.
  • Online tutoring follow-ups: Give your online tutor the freedom to call you. This way you can count on your responsibility and also build a good rapport with the tutor.
  • Find interesting books in the library: It is not always necessary to study using the regular curriculum material and so you can take a big picture by browsing new books in the school/college library.
  • Access tutoring C.D/DVD: Most online tutoring companies can provide curriculum and study material in the form of C.D. and DVD videos. These videos contain their training philosophy and subject matter expertise. The student can always listen to these videos and get a faster upgrade or command on the subject.

Have You Planned Your ACT Exam day?

University Students Between LecturesIt is your ACT exam day and you are in a hurry to get things right before you forget about them. You are going through the ACT questions and answers repeatedly to make sure you remember – what you studied for so many days? You may also try to make sure that complex ACT answers are revised again and again. You might remember one of your friends SAT math test experience – Oh John’s SAT math test didn’t go that well, now, what will happen to me today? And so on…

What if I tell you this isn’t necessary? You are actually over-doing things and over-preparation may get a little finicky.  For instance, some students go for doing the overall revision and last minute preparations but that seldom helps.

See, studying for a competitive exam is not about 11th hour revisions and then appearing for the exam at the 12th hour. You need to have a calm mind to focus and be aware of each step that you take on your ACT exam day. Some of the things to be careful about – the breakfast you eat, the clothes you wear, and even remembering to wear a watch. Firstly, the food you eat should be edible enough for you to remain active during the exam hours, secondly the clothes you wear should be light and soft – you never know if the air conditioning stops working, you should not get uncomfortable, thirdly wearing a watch is good because then you are in control of your own time and you don’t have to depend on the moderator to tell you about the time.

These are a few essential tips to plan your ACT exam day. Good luck!

Register Online for ACT – It is easy!

Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 10.14.20 PMHave you made your decision to appear for ACT? Now, you may be thinking of going ahead and enquire about the further process such as ACT online registration,  ACT test price and ACT test dates.

You don’t have to wait for the ACT test form by standing in a long queue because online registration is simple and efficient.

The test dates can be accessed by using this link: http://www.actstudent.org/regist/dates.html.ACT fees are divided in two categories: ACT (No writing) and ACT Plus writing. The ACT Plus writing category offers you the 2 score reports (One for you and the other one for school), an option to write the essay and 4 college options as per your eligibility. The ACT (No writing) category will offer you all of the above except for the option to write an essay.

The ACT No writing will cost you $36.50 and The ACT plus writing will cost you $52.50. You may choose to opt for either ACT (Writing) or ACT Plus writing depending on the criteria set by the colleges that you shortlist. You can visit us at www.tutorpace.com as per your convenience to know more about the ACT exam detail. One of our representative tutors will be happy to help.

SAT/ACT-Which one is a More Beneficial Exam?

33333333333Both SAT and ACT exams are beneficial to students and more so selecting the right exam – depends on the choice of college that you make. Selecting the right college for you will depend on the career that you choose, and where you plan to make your career?

 For instance, what matters to you most? – a college in the same town, nearby town or a remotely located town will do, great tutors, low cost education and so on… the choice is yours to make. Tutor pace experts can certainly guide you in making the choice.

 You may be good in Biology and English so you may choose to select SAT Biology and ACT English test. Now, depending on your scores you may shortlist a few colleges, Or try to learn their acceptance criteria, and do some other preparation as well. It all depends on your own perception and preferences. Tutor Pace can certainly help you make these seemingly complex choices, although really speaking,  they are simplistic!

 A particular university and college may accept the SAT score whereas the other may accept the ACT score. It could also be the case that, some college may accept neither of the two tests scores and arrange for their own separate test. And some college may accept both.

 Tutor pace is one of the best SAT/ACT information hubs available online.  Tutor pace can provide you with up-to-date and timely information about SAT and ACT registration dates, SAT study tips, selecting the  subjects right for your choice of career, Preparing for SAT II, Preparing for ACT and  tutoring for SAT and ACT. 

SAT – Three Awesome Tips to Score Better and Become Topper Student

Online TutoringThere are many ways from which we can achieve better score for SAT but many students don’t know how to approach in a right way to get better score. Many of you get advices which may be good and even sometimes they can be bad for you and can lead to negative result.

As an online tutor I have trained lot of students and guided them and they have scored good marks. Here are some tips you should follow and are unique.

  1. Always form best knowledge and vocabulary for difficult words as and when you go through difficult question. In this way you will build confidence and thus when you will be in front of your paper you can handle that word easily.
  2. Speed should be maintained when reading the passage and it should be read in such way that there is no need to see back in the passage and can answer the entire question at once. Some times it can be done by reading the question and then see into the passage when time is less. In this way you can adapt different methods.
  3. When in case of math’s many times you are stuck in triangle, there also you can check different ways to solve it like is it 30/60/90 or it can be 3/4/5 triangle. By seeing the triangles you can simply use these methods and can easily solve them. Even many of the information is being provided in the beginning and you can use them easily when you are not remembering them.

Online Tutoring-One Stop Solution For Your Child’s Educational Needs

Good News for all the parents who are worried about their kid’s academic performance throughout the year. Are you still looking for a dependable platform that offer affordable service and help your kids to achieve their expected grades? Don’t worry! Tutor Pace an online tutoring website offers you the most reliable, convenient and affordable service. Our proficiency lies in blending technology with teaching.

Our mission is to give proper academic assistance to every student from k-12. We have a panel of highly experienced and specially trained online tutors to offer online homework help, online test preparation or guidance for any specific subject anytime, anywhere. You may browse tutors’ profile and choose as per your requirement

Online tutoring is not expensive. You simply need to give your child a Laptop/ desktop, a web cam and a microphone. This is usually a onetime investment, which guarantees quality guidance to your kids. You don’t have to spend on transport or manage time to take your kids for tuition. Further, it is very expensive to afford tutors for every subject.

Students can convey their doubts without hesitation and achieve success in their education. You may attain a demo session to understand the process. Our tutors are available 24/7 and this facilitates kids to get assistance whenever they necessitate. Further, it gives them the liberty to plan their schedule as per their convenience.

Tutor Pace strives to be your most reliable online partner.