Do you need a Trigonometry Help?

Trigonometry HelpUnable to work with sines and tans? Can’t get thetas in your head easily? Don’t worry, because we are to here to provide you the easiest trigonometry help.

Do you know basic trigonometry?

Basic trigonometry deals with basic concepts of triangles, their sides, their angles, and other basic trigonometric functions. Let us recall some of the basic trigonometry concepts:

  • Sine= perpendicular/ hypotenuse
  • Cos= base/ hypotenuse
  • Tan= perpendicular/ base

The fascinating thing about the above-mentioned functions is that the moment you invert them, you get another trigonometric functions, as given below:

  • Cosec= invert (sine)
  • Sec=invert (cos)
  • Cot=invert (tan

Want to know other trigonometric functions?

Some of other most commonly used trigonometric functionsare as given below:

  • Cos (theta + 2 pi) = cos theta
  • Sin (theta + 2 pi) = sin theta
  • Sin (pi/2 – theta) = cos theta
  • Cos (pi/2 – theta) = sin theta
  • Sin^2 theta + Cos^2 theta = 1
  •  Sin (-theta) = – sin theta
  • Cos (- theta) = cos theta

The above-mentioned functions will find many applications in your trigonometry problems time and again.

Keep tuning in trigonometry help to know more!

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