Accounting Tutoring: A Good Academic Support for Accounting Learners!

Accounting Tutoring:Accounting is a master subject that is required to know the financial conditions of small and large firms. Good Accounting tutoring online is an asset for those who make Accounting learning as essential aspect of their study courses

Accounting online help for the learners!

  1. Trained online tutors in Accounting help you with short videos, live chats and required Accounting help with their ready solutions. So getting homework help or other sorts of requirements are easy for you once you are computer proficient
  2. The expert Accounting tutors make clear all the challenges you face while doing debits and credits, financial ratios and managerial areas, book keeping ,auditing and other areas of Accounting
  3. Software packages online to simplify complicated Accounting systems are of immense help for the students who try self studying in the Accounting. When they need some extra bit of help and support, the tutors are at their disposal to meet out right solutions for their queries and doubts
  4. Since Accounting is the lifeline of business and its intricacies, good training in Accounting principles and methods is evident fact to gain mastery in business knacks. For this purpose, it is good to learn Accounting standards from qualified and experienced tutors who are well versed in the methods of Accounting tutoring

Tutor Pace has a bundle of Accounting tutoring efficacies to ease the learning modes of Accounting students.

2 thoughts on “Accounting Tutoring: A Good Academic Support for Accounting Learners!

  1. Hi i need a help from ur side.. I have a problem in management accounting pls solve that problem in step wise bcoz im a science graduate.

    A radio manufacturing company finds that while it costs rs 6.25 to make component, the same is available at market for 5.75 with an assurance of continued supply. The break even cost is
    Material – rs 2.75
    labour – rs 1.75
    variable expenses – rs 0.50
    fixed expenses – rs 1.25
    Total = 6.25

    a) should you make/buy? give reasons.
    b) what would be ur decision if the supplier offered the component at rs 4.85 each?

    • (a) The variable cost of manufacturing a component is Rs5 calculated as follows:
      Materials – 2.75
      Labour – 1.75
      Other Variable Costs – 0.50
      Total – Rs 5.00
      The market price is Rs5.75. This is more than the variable cost by Re. 0.75. It is therefore not profitable to procure from outside because in any case the fixed costs will continue to be incurred. However, if the surplus capacity released on account of procuring the component from outside could be put to a more profitable use, it may be better to buy from outside rather than manufacturing the component.

      (b) In case the supplier is prepared to supply the component at Rs 4.85, there is saving of 15 paise in the variable cost too. Hence, it is profitable to procure from outside. The surplus capacity released may be put to some other profitable use.

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