What are the Various Methods Used to Learn Languages?

online tutoring for studentsThere are different methods used to learn different subjects. The blog is dedicated to show you different methods used by English tutoring online to learn English at different expertise levels. Here are various methods used to learn English

Direct Method

It is also known as natural method. It stops learner using native language and focus on targeted language. Here the target is to learn second language by imitating the way the first language was learned. This method emphasis on oral skills keeping aside printed language away from the learner

Audio-lingual method

The learner listen various language model and practice it with drills. The English online tutor focuses the use of target language all the time. It is proven method that works quickly and effectively.

Immersion method

It forces student to communicate in targeted language not matter how he well he communicate. This method may give fluency on English but fail to give accuracy.

Minimalist or Methodological approach

It is designed by Paul Rowe to learn English for unqualified EFL tutors. Flash cards are the major teaching tools used in this method where the primary focus is the use vocabulary in proper context.

Directed practice

This method is used by US diplomatic Corps. It gives quick results where students keep on repeating same phrases. The learning comes from the books of targeted language with what to say when is fairly inflexible.

English tutoring online apply various methods of learning English. However, you can choose the one that suits your needs at best. Likewise, online math tutoring uses several methods to learn Math effectively.

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