Why Studying Biology is Important Right from High School?

Online TutoringBiology is an interesting subject as it includes study of living organisms and life processes. Biology lays foundation of important disciplines like Zoology, Ecology, Bio informatics, Biotechnology, Biomedical Research, Molecular Biology, Genetics, Hematology, Oncology, Aerobiology, etc.

Why Biology is important to study for high school?

  • It helps us get a better understanding about the world in its natural processes
  • It is the study of how lives evolves, survives and changes.
  • It gives knowledge about the interaction of cells with organs and organisms, environment and ecosystem.
  • It teaches how various organs and system works on human body and how everything is connected in our body.
  • It is an important subject for medical point of view which includes identifying disease and its cure.
  • Knowledge of Biology helps making a better environment to live in.
  • The vast study of Biology has contributed improvement in agriculture.

Often students find Biology as a boring subject; however, it is scoring subject if you adopt the systematic learning approach. The students who aim to make career in life sciences and medicine then they should seriously think about studying this subject right from high school grade.

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Tips to understand Major Concepts of Pre Algebra

Online TutoringOften the right first pre algebra class decides how students will perform in Science and Math subjects. Mathematics is not the subject of numbers but subject of concepts. Following are the major concepts of Pre Algebra that are introduced in elementary grade:

Letters and Numbers

It’s the first time in elementary grade, the student finds numbers mixed with letters. And this is where they start learning Algebra.

E.g. what number is doubled and then increased by three makes 11?

The algebraic way to write this problem statement is 2x + 3 = 11. Algebraic expression helps to find out the value of x. However, the skills lie in putting a problem statement in algebraic way and know the value of the variable.                      


The exponent is another use of letters in pre algebra. They are general law that is true for any numbers.  The rule is A^3 means A*A*A .

E.g. 5^3 = 5*5*5

Another exponent rule is used with letters. Say A^n * A^m = A^ (n+m).

E.g. 5^1 * 5^3 = 5^4

Letters are used to make general rules about the concepts.


Polynomials are rules applied to solve complex problem stated.

E.g A farmer wants to build a pig pen has 100 feet fencing with shelter on one side and fence on three sides. What will be the shape that encloses the maximum area? What is the area of fence length perpendicular to the barn?  

A (Area) = F (Fence) (100 – 2F) = -2F^2 + 100 F.

The shape would be a parabola with highest point F = 25. The maximum area comes to 25 * 50 feet.

Polynomial holds an important place in Pre Algebra as it helps to solve real life problems.

Cartesian Coordinates

It is the concept to assign an address to every point in the space and describe the relationship between them as a picture. In an above problem statement, Cartesian coordinates help to easily graph the relationship and give a picture of the relationship between the length of the fencing and the area covered by it.

Cartesian Coordinates are most important concept of pre algebra. It allows seeing important characteristics of any function.

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Master Geometry with Online Tutoring

Geometry is the branch of Mathematics that includes lot of figures and diagrams. It is categorized in mainly three part solid geometry, plane geometry and spherical geometry.  Solid geometry is the study of line, sphere and polyhedron. Plane geometry deals with objects like point, line, triangle, polygon and circle. Spherical geometry includes study of objects like spherical triangle and spherical polygon.

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Tutoring online includes explaining the lessons, working on practice problems and quizzes and offering additional resources that make learning of Geometry concepts more interesting and fun. The Math tutor offers experiments with graphing online especially remain very helpful for architecture and engineering students.

Online tutoring programs in Geometry Math develop relationship and deductive strategies used to solve a variety of real world mathematical problems. The online Geometry program gives a lot of importance to understand the fundamentals and concepts that make students expert in writing proofs of theorems and axioms.

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Pre-Calculus-Tips to Improve Problem Solving Skills

Online TutorPre Calculus, Trigonometry is difficult branches of Math where students require taking tutoring effectively with enhanced problem solving skills. Follow these tips to work towards improving problem solving skills while tutoring.

May it be physical of the virtual classroom, form a habit to write down key points, solved problems in your notebook. Typically, online sessions are recorded for future reference. However, it is advisable to form effective note taking habits. When your tutor shows how to calculate complex volume integral, ensure that you immediately note down in your notebook.

While online tutoring, form a habit where you talk and tutor writes. The online tutor could not see you writing in your notebook. So you explain the steps louder while he writes on the whiteboard. This will help you clarify your own understanding and your tutor will get insight on your understandings and confusions. This will boost up learning Math Calculus.

Form a practice to solve problems of the lessons learnt with the tutors. The amount you learn Calculus purely depends on how much effort you put into solving problems. Share your work with your tutor. The tutor will give effective feedback/suggestion if required.

If you have tried solving complex Calculus problems but failed to arrive at the result then take a snap of your work and mail it to the tutor before you start a session. The online tutor will work out in prior, find out difficult areas and focus tutoring it. Your tutor will give more specific help after looking at your efforts towards getting correct result and point where you have got stuck.

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Tips to Memorize Organic Chemistry

Chemistry TutoringOften students learning Organic Chemistry spend time memorizing functional groups, nomenclature, reactions, vocabulary, trends but often get thrown out of the loop when they find a slightly different functional group involved in a chemical reaction. What steps should be taken towards conceptual memorizing and not just cramming.

Getting abbreviations and acronyms gives you ability to at least identify and understand how things work. Just have a list of common acronyms and abbreviations with functions as ready reckon. Memorizing terminologies will save your time understanding reactions properly.

Getting the vocabulary terms from the textbooks will not make you wonder while you hear the conversation between organic chemists. If you feel hard times digesting the language then make use of online tools to find out nomenclature.

Getting the name and structure of various functional groups may be difficult job initially; however, it is the first step towards pacing your capabilities to learn organic chemistry. Almost all reactions that you undergo will have some kind of internal conversion of functional groups.

The techniques used in memorization can quickly lay down the foundation of structural knowledge and vocabulary, giving you more time to give focused attention on learning and applying concepts. Use your time effectively to learn concepts of organic chemistry, work on problems to strengthen your understanding and practice more to get confidence and speed while taking test. A very generic pattern of memorization is speaking louder and writing stuff that is learnt by heart will give you better results than quiet reading to yourself.

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Some Important Definition and Facts about Geometry

Tutoring OnlineSome definitions students should know as they make basic concept and these are regularly asked in online classes. Let’s see some of them.

A circle is the locus of a point which moves in such a way that its distance from a fixed point is constant. The fixed point is called the centre of the circle and the constant distance is called the radius of the circle.

Tangents and Normal’s 

Definition by Online Tutor:

A tangent to a curve at a point is defined as the limiting positions of a secant obtained by joining the given point to another point in vicinity on the curve as the scond point tends to the first point along the curve or as the limiting position of a secant obtained by joining two points on the curve in the vicinity of the given point as both the points tend to the given point.

Two tangents, real or imaginary, can be drawn to a circle from a point in the plane. The tangents are real and distinct if the point is outside the circle, real and coincident if the point is on the circle and imaginary if the point is inside the circle.

The normal to a curve at a point is defined and the straight line passing through the point and perpendicular to the tangent at the point. In case of a circle every normal passes through the centre of the circle.

Chord of Contact: 

From a point P(x, y) two tangents PA and PB can be drawn to the circle. The chord AB joining the points of contact A and B of the tangents from P is called the chord of contact of P(x, y) with respect to the circle.

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Tricky Proofs in Sine and Cosines asked in Online Test for 12th Grade USA Students

Tutoring OnlineMath Tutor Online –  In any triangle ABC, prove that

  1. A cosA + b cosB + c cosC = 4RsinA sinB sinC
  2. sinA + sinB + sinC = S/R


Let’s see the solution of the following

  1. lets first have left hand side equation which is


A cosA + b cosB + c cosC
= 2R sin A cosA + 2R sin B cos B + 2R sinC cos C

This is because as we know a = 2R sinA, b=2RsinB, c = 2RsinC

So now taking R common and converting into formula that is 2 sin A cosA = sin2A

= R (sin2A + sin2B + sin2C)

Again by applying formula

= R (2sin (A+B) cos(A-B) + 2 sinC cos C )

= R (2sin (π –C)cos(A-B)+ 2 sinC cos C )

= R (2sinC cos(A-B)+ 2 sinC cos C )

Now taking 2 sin C as common we have

= 2RsinC (cos(A-B)+ cos C )

= 2RsinC (cos(A-B)+ cos(π – (A+B ))

= 2RsinC (cos(A-B)- cos (A+B ))

= 2RsinC (2sinA sin B)

= 4R sin A sin B sin C = right hand side

Hence proved

  1. sinA + sinB + sinC = S/R

here we should know things like

R = a/2sinA= b/2sinB = c/2sinC


sinA = a/2R, sinB = b/2R, sinC= c/2R

Just by putting these values in left hand side we get

a/2R +b/2R+c/2R =  a+b+c/2R = 2S/2R = S/R = right hand side

Hence proved.