Role of Stakeholders in Best Online Tutoring

Online TutoringThe major stakeholders of any online tutor website are online tutors, students, parents and site facilitator or mentor. If you are looking forward to avail tutoring services then it is very important to know about the role of these stakeholders and the major approach they adopt towards tutoring.

Check out the role of various entities of online tutoring:


Online tutors are recruited to teach and support students through online tutoring. They are excellent in online communication skills with the ability to discern learning objectives guiding student successfully towards improving their academic scores. They are capable to offer various forms of tutoring and assistance with assigned curriculum.


The student is the entity who desire academic help from the tutor online. He needs to be good at using a computer and internet. The student may book tutor well in advance or take on demand tutoring. However, the pattern of a booking tutoring session, types assistance provided with the tutoring service may vary based on policy of the company.


Typically, parent may not get involved to an extent which they get involved while tutoring online. A parent can participate during the session. They have access to recorded sessions. They remain aware with the day-to-day progress of their child.

Site facilitator/mentor:

The site facilitator/mentor play key role in assisting students in online courses. They work at the location where the student accesses course. They work closely with tutors and students facilitating the online tutoring activities. They remain in contact with tutors, students and their parents online.

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