Stages Of Mitosis-An Important Study In Biology

Mitosis is the type of cell division by which a single cell divides into two daughter cells. It is the method by which the body provides new cells for growth or repair of aging or damaged tissues. Mitosis occurs in all somatic cells except gamete (the reproductive parts).

MitosisMitosis is a complex physical process and is divided into phases which balance with the completion of one phase and starting of the other. These phases are called Interphase, Prophase, Metaphase, Ana phase and Telophase. During all these phases, pairs of chromosomes flock, amalgamate and affix themselves to fibers which pull sister chromatids to opposite sides of the cell wall. Cytokinesis completes the cell division by dividing the cell membrane and thus daughter cells are produced.

During Interphase, the cell does not undergo division but executes all activities for life. It reads DNA which is essential for a replica cell of the parent cell during mitosis.

During Prophase, the commencement of cell division occurs. The combination of DNA and proteins (chromatin) formed in Interphase coagulates to actualize into chromosomes. The nuclear membrane formed during Interphase breaks, the chromosomes become shorter and thicker and migrate towards the opposite sides of the cell. They are bound at the centromere, interconnecting two sister chromatids and forming an X.

In ProMeta phase nucleus membrane formed in Interphase   starts dissolving and spindle fibers invade the nucleus space and proteins affix to the centomeres creating kinetochores. In Metaphase, nucleus membrane dissolves completely and spindle evolves in complete form. The fibers alienate chromosomes in an imaginary line .Anaphase is the phase of separation of chromosomes wherein the spindle fibers attached to the kinetochore distance the chromatids from each other resulting in two daughter chromosomes.

In Telophase, the chromosomes are roped off into two nuclei in daughter cells with spindle fibers disintegrating and chromosomes unwinding and a new nuclear case reforming around the daughter nuclei. Thus ends the process of mitosis.

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