Perfect Square Trinomial Calculator – For Some Fun With Algebra

Algebra is mind whirling and messy to many and it would most certainly be a surprise when hears the word fun associated with algebra. You can have just that with a perfect square trinomial calculator. Using this online tool, it is ever so easy to find the trinomial expression corresponding to a binomial that is a perfect square. Learning this important concept in a fun way can ensure complete understanding and retention and given its uses, it will do the learner a world of good!

Perfect Square Trinomial Calculator

Algebra is quite an important branch of study in math and finds applications in varied branches of science and math. It is a fundamental subject that is used in trigonometry, calculus, geometry and many other branches of math as well. Its use in subjects pertaining to science streams such as physics, chemistry and astrology need no expounding upon. It is thus important to learn the subject well. Thus, learning the subject well is of immense importance!

A perfect square trinomial calculator is a fun way to learn an important concept in algebra! Read on to find out more.

What is a perfect square trinomial?

A perfect square trinomial is simply a trinomial that is obtained from a binomial that is a perfect square.

For instance, if a trinomial: Ax2+Bx+C is a trinomial and can be expressed as (x +D)2, then it is said to be a perfect square trinomial.

Note: A,B and C are non zero constants here.

An online perfect square trinomial calculator can help evaluate either the trinomial expression or arrive at the perfect square binomial. If you specify A,B and C in the equation, the calculator will give the (x +D)2 and when you specify D, it will give you the Ax2+Bx+C equation.

Let us understand this with the help of a few examples.

Example 1: Evaluate expression (x+15)2.


D = 15. We need to find A,B and C.

Theoretically, we will work it out as follows:

(a + b)2 = a2+2ab+b2

Hence, (x+15)2 = x2 + 2(x)(15) + 152 = x2 + 30x + 225

Example 2: Evaluate the binomial expression from the trinomial x2 + 8x + 16


A=1, B=8, C=16

C can be written as 4*4 = 42

B can be written as 2*1*4 = 2*a*b where a=1, the coefficient of x2 and b=4 corresponding to a2+ 2ab + b2

Thus, x2 + 8x + 16 can be written as (x+4)2

With an online perfect square trinomial calculator, you needn’t indulge in all these calculations! Just feed the value of the coefficients in the problem and you will arrive at the solutions instantly!

Algebra is a no fun and nightmarish subject for many. Learning algebra can be made fun with online tools such as a perfect square trinomial calculator. By just feeding the value of the coefficients, one can find the corresponding perfect square binomial to the given trinomial expression and vice-versa. Simply put, this calculator makes homework and algebra so much easier for students and is a fun way of learning the associated concepts.

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