How To Grasp The Finer Nuances And Read Between Lines In Poetry With An Online English Tutor?

Poetry isn’t everyone’s cup of tea even though a person is a native English speaker; he/she may not be able to get the meaning of a poem without assistance! Though it might sound surprising to many, this is very much true and clearly evident from the fact that there are numerous students seeking the help of an online English tutor to understand poetry. So, what is it that makes poetry so difficult to comprehend and why do students seek help understanding it? Read on to learn more.

Poetry tends to have an artistic flavor

Poetry is a form of expression that poets use to convey strong emotions – sorrow, happiness, joy, depression, anger and so on. It plucks at heartstrings and within just a few short verses has the power to move people to tears. It is one of the most powerful mediums of expression and thus students find it very difficult to understand the underlying meaning when they read it the very first time. Only a select few comprehend the subject at the first try while the majority remains clueless as to it. Thus, it has become very common for students to seek English homework help when it comes to poetry and they are increasingly doing so in the online platform. Here are a few tips to help students learn poetry better.


Read the poem once without any pre-conceived notions

More often than not, students tend to get at the meaning of poems just by skimming through it or looking at its title. This will not necessarily help them and in most cases skimming doesn’t help at all. A poem needs to be read more than once to understand what the poet is driving at! For starters, it is advisable that students first read the poem once and underline the words or phrases that they find difficult or hard to understand.

Determine the topic or subject on which the poem is based

Once you’ve read through the poem, try to find the subject of the poem and get this clarified with your tutor to see that you are on the right track. Also, see how the title fits into the scheme of things, why has the poet named the poem so and what the underlying emotion behind the poem is. Try to write down or compose a mental note on what the author feels about the subject in question and what the mood of the poem is.

Write down your summary of the poem

Once you’ve got the details right and read through the poem more than once, try to put down your thoughts on what the poet is trying to convey through the poem. Writing opinions or understanding down is a good way to see and clarify for yourself as to what you think about it and how much you’ve understood it.

Analyze the finer details of the poem

Once you are clear as to the context and meaning, you should look at the following:

  • Rhythm of the poem
  • Genre of the poem
  • Identify the figurative language used
  • Word choices in the poem
  • Mood and context
  • Patterns
  • Language and diction


Poetry is one of the most powerful forms of artistic expressions and learning decipher the meaning of poems is sometimes a herculean task for students. Seeking English assignment help online for assignments based on poetry is a good idea for not only does it help students get the meaning, it also helps them learn to enjoy this powerful linguistic form.

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