Little Known Facts about Summer Tutoring – And Why They Matter?

Summer tutoring program, summer learning, summer educationOn and on people talk about summer learning loss and the corollaries of it.  We do understand that lack of summer programs for a kid or a teen is a handicap for his ensuing academic years and it seriously tells upon his grades and subject skills. Apart from that, there are some facts which unravel the essential importance of Summer Tutoring Programs though their ratio of relevance is comparatively less -but they matter lots when they are viewed from the angle of future endeavors of a student.

Small facts carry great significance as in Summer Tutoring

·         Lack of Summer Tutoring    leads to reduction in the computational skills of students from the kindergarten. Even the elementary school children lose their retention in reading skills and mathematical facts like addition and  subtraction if they give room for laziness and inactivity in their academic work in summer and their graduation rate is comparatively less as per statistics

·         Summer is for enjoyment and kids feel bored very often. Their brain rusts if not unto any mental activity and thus they feel disoriented and demotivated despite their many activities of leisure.

·         Summer education through reading camps, fast mathematical calculations etc focuses the kids’ attention on something new and thereby motivates them. Or else it disturbs their academic brilliance and emotional quotient in future

·         Good organizational skills like structured learning methods, regularized and systematic approach towards studies are ingrained in young minds when you introduce them to summer learning programs   from a young age.  

·         Those who do not get a proper atmosphere for summer learning normally face a fall on social lines and they are not able to be on par with their peers in the new classes.

·         Lack of summer learning affects students belonging to any grade, any social set up and in any subject.

Hence we have Summer tutors needed for establishing good ties for a student between the gone year and the new coming year.