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Food Chain Confusion with Consumer, Producers, Predator and Prey

online tutor We all living beings need food to live and it’s the source of survival. This is what students knows but sometimes student get confused between consumer and producer and are unable to answer simple question.

As an online tutor I have seen that students still don’t know the difference between consumer and producer and are unable to answer correctly. Here are few questions I am solving for them.

Question 1: Please select the producer among the following

  1. Eagle
  2. Caterpillar
  3. Rat
  4. Plants

Online TutoringAnd most of the students don’t know the basic definition of producers and thinks that caterpillar is the right answer. Well let me explain about producers. Producers are those who can make their own food and they are starting point of food chain. Plants prepare their own food with the help of Sun light and the process is called photosynthesis. Thus the answer is plants.

Question 2: Please select consumers among the following

  1. Dog
  2. Plants
  3. Trees
  4. Shrubs

Still here students sometimes tick shrubs and the answer is dog. Consumers are those who are dependent on plants and other animals and eat them. So the answer is dog. In this way by understanding simple concept student can score more in their exams.

Many students still are confused between predator and prey. Here predator is the one who eats other animals to survive and the prey is the animal which is the food of that animal.

One question related to this is

Question 3: which is predator and prey in the following?

Fox and rabbit

Answer: fox eats rabbit so fox is a predator and rabbit is prey.

What Does Online Math Tutoring Offer?

Tutoring OnlineMath tutoring is available in learning Math concepts at each grade level which forms the part of the academic curriculum. It provides Math homework help, work out assignments, learning problem solving techniques, a lot of practical work and test preparation. The online tutors apply unique fun-way teaching methodologies that not only give a clear understanding about the topics but make this complex and vast subject very interesting and easy to digest.

Online tutoring has offer following topics in Math subject:


It makes you learn a core arithmetic skill that forms an important foundation of topics like fractions, decimals, percentages and ratio.


Functions, Graphs, Sequence and Series

This topic deals with most basic introduction to functions and its various types. It covers most basic concept to more advanced functions that met in engineering, economics and the sciences.

Geometry and Vectors:

It includes an understanding of Geometry concepts that are met in physics, engineering, architecture and design. You can get excellent foundation of this subject with understanding the qualities of the circle, lines and cones as well as a thorough explanation of vectors.


The geometry and trigonometry theorems are explained meticulously through animation and extensive real life case study. You will learn various other concepts like sine, cosine, tangent and measurement of radians.


You can learn a very important topic called differentiation that deals with day to day life. You will learn to differentiate logs, exponentials, sines, cosines with excellent reference material that relate to the application of knowledge.


Online Math tutoring includes the learning of integration, reverse process of differentiation. You will learn standard integration techniques with wide range applications.

You can find tutors to learn very primitive Math concepts to an extend that forms the part of college grade math. A good online tutoring website is the best source of taking Math help.

Qualities of Good Science Tutor

Online TutorsOften many individuals have gone through bad experience of hiring unqualified and uncertified tutor for their child. It is very important to hire professional science tutor who can give some additional help to gain extra edge in the science class. Online tutoring is becoming most preferable option for the students who seek additional source for academic help.  Seek following qualities to find out good science tutor online:

The first thing that parent should consider is in-depth knowledge of the subject. The tutor should be qualified in science faculty or should be related to science field. Only qualified tutor is not enough, it is preferable to be a certified tutor. Typically, qualified and certified science tutors have right amount of knowledge and teaching guts to provide academic support to your child.

A tutor engaged in teaching profession is aware of making use of variety of techniques to explain the concepts. A tutor must be capable enough to identify the problem that student faces with the subject and gradually help them clear their doubts.

Expert tutors make learning fun experience for the students. They make student feel comfortable to ask queries and doubts. The tutor establishes warm relation with the student to overcome fears and get right knowledge of the subject.

Science is the subject that includes lot of learning activities like working in the science lab experimenting concept that support the theory. A good tutor creates interest in the student to learn the subject. They demonstrate simple experiments to explain how scientific theory works. They provide various online resources to satisfy the curiosity about the science and nature.

Comprehensive High School Science Programs

Tutoring OnlineOnline tutors offer variety of high school science programs including Physics, Chemistry, Biology and even more specialized courses. The tutor and student work together at every step on the way to instil confidence in the subject. They get along with daily school classes, extend help with homework and assist in test preparation.

Let us glance at various science programs:


Physics is one of the popular choices for students to learn online. Physics is the base of several academics which makes it vital subject to have a solid foundation. Typically, topics covered in Physics program include forces and its application, motion, gravity, energy and momentum, waves and electronic and magnetic phenomenon, heat and thermodynamics.


Biology is the subject that deals with plant, animals and the human body which requires learning the subject with lots of experiments. Biology program is designed to learn through interactive experiments and the use of practical resources. Online tutoring websites use the latest technologies to facilitate learning skills and knowledge in the subject. The core topics that are covered in Biology are cell structure, enzymes, viruses, molecular biology, photosynthesis processes, macromolecules, eukaryotic cells and the role of the mitochondria. In higher education, the program also includes topics like genetics, evolution, ecology and physiology.


Chemistry is again vast subject that includes atomic and molecular structure, chemical bonds, conversation of matter, properties of metal and gases, acid and bases, chemical thermodynamics, chemical equilibrium, nuclear processes and organic and biochemistry. Online tutor makes you equally proficient in Chemistry as learning in a physical classroom. The skilled chemistry tutors work with student one-to-one in the Chemistry lab.

The students may find variance in science programs depending on the grade level. The intensive interaction between science tutors and the student with one-to-one personalized attention makes you mastering the subject.

How Online Tutoring Can Help with Science Project?

Online Tutors

Science Tutors

A successful submission of Science project always helps scoring higher grades in your academics. However, the student requires certain help to make it more successful. Here are few things about how Science online tutoring can help in designing projects:


Get some new and fresh ideas:

Original and innovative ideas are always impressive to qualify your work. This is what the judge will give more markings among other criteria. Science tutors will help you to explore new grounds to stand distinct and unique among others. They help you to find out new ideas from existing problems or explore ways of interpreting information and data.

Extend help executing your project:          

It is very important that you understand the novel idea given by your tutor. It includes understanding various inputs to the theory behind the project. You need to get through terminology, methodology of the techniques that you use. The tutor will first help you understand the concept followed by extending help on executing the project. The judges will rank as how a science principle works on your project. Your tutor will maintain a project at the level that you can understand.

Ensure project proves scientifically:

Like any project, it is necessary to provide evidences that support your results. Your tutor helps you designing your project in a way that it remains focused on answering the project idea. They will help create a hypothesis that you are trying to prove from your science project. They help you create complete information that includes hypothesis, experiment, findings and conclusion.

Reduce time and efforts to complete the project:

It is necessary to complete your project on time. The time and efforts that you dedicate towards science project should not suffer your regular academics. Science online tutoring will minimize your time and efforts with hands-on support through designing your project.

Math Online tutoring – Skills and abilities

online math tutoring, maths tutoringMath is very basic subject that becomes part of curriculum right from elementary to high school education. It is very rare that the student learn everything first time in the school classroom. The students require one-to-one help to get more Math practice work. Do not discourage your child struggling with Math. Hire online Math tutoring service that offers academic help at your child’s flexibility and pace of learning. This extra help will not only guide your child through school academics but it also gives proper direction and speed of learning.

Just seek that Math online tutor have following skills and abilities to apply the subject in a way tutoring onlinethat makes your child doing well:

  • Engage your child with the course right from the first session
  • Offer clear direction and support
  • Make learn with effective online activities
  • Design engaging well-structured study plan
  • Develop good online relationship with your child
  • Be passionate and encourage zeal to learn the subjects
  • Offer effective and easily accessible communication
  • Monitor and examine student’s progress

Math online tutoring offers techniques used for managing your child learning in an online environment that includes range of tutoring activities that guide them through their school work, oversee collaborative work, thus leading to score better in school academics.

Why Science Online Tutoring is Getting Popular?

Science TutorsThe main reason why science online tutoring is becoming popular is its effectiveness of helping students understanding the subject conceptually.  Good online mentoring aims at refining students’ knowledge by teaching them right approaches to solve problems.

The science tutors are qualified, experienced and expert teaching each specialized areas like Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Environmental Science, etc. They offer in-depth tutoring in each specialized areas through learning textbook lessons, complete worksheets, experiments, projects and test preparation. There are few best online services that guarantee effective coaching in specialized areas that form part of the school academics.

Tutoring online offers education in the same way as physical classroom. The virtual learning technology is very advanced making student performs experiments under the guidance of a tutor. The tutoring websites facilitate to get best online study resources. The reference material like science books, video sessions, museum tour and science fair are available to the students.

Science online tutor enhances student’s skills and competence to perform at their best in school academics. They boost up student’s self confidence to become self-learner for quick progress in their studies. The student can ask demo sessions or trial learning in Science subject to experience online learning and get better idea how it can help to score much better in the subject.

Online Science Tutoring – Develop Skill for Success

Science TutorOnline science tutoring is efficient and effective with a bagful of advantages. Online tutoring websites offer one-to-one individualized tutoring with preferred tutor. The technology makes learning more simplified and fun-filled with interactive whiteboards. The Science tutors are available 24/7 on demand to extend help in tutoring, homework help, assignment work and lots more. The test and quizzes are interesting which help building student’s positive attitude in learning the subject.

Science tutor online helps students to apply scientific concepts and key skills to real-world situations. The tutors offer study material which is not only informative but stimulate your instinct to discover the truths of science.

Unlike a physical classroom, Science online tutoring offers interactive sessions with lots of activities and experiments. The tutorial demonstrates how science makes things work; doing some simple experiments online that supports the theory. Tutoring online offers other educational resources in the form of presentations, display pictures of science museums online and a lot more. It encourages and emphasizes students to ask as many questions as he wants to satisfy his curiosity to know facts about the nature and science.

There is no special reason that makes student perform well academically. The student can perform well when he spends more hours doing practice work. The science is a vast subject area where student face difficulties to master the concepts of each topic. Online tutoring ensures student meet and exceed their grade level expectations by helping them in-depth grasping of the subjects. It makes students feel confident enough to improve academic performance with effective tutoring programs.

What Does Online Science Tutoring Offer?

Online TutorsA good way to remain updated in science is to read science magazines, science articles and columns published in the daily newspaper. Science is the second most important and primitive subject after Math. Right from elementary grade, the student requires to clear fundamentals of science lessons. It is the base subject of Physics, Chemistry and Biology taught in the middle and high school grade level. It is scientific methods that show the true path of all inventions and discovery. Remember, Science is the base of all inventions and discovery.

Lots of students seek Science online tutoring to learn the most basic to most advanced topics. Online tutoring websites offers academic as well as professional courses for students of all the grades who want to study science online.  The qualified and experienced tutors are available round the clock to make learning Science more simple and interesting way. The online Science tutors work with students every step of the way may it be theory or practical class. They offer apt and latest resources to instill an understanding and confidence. The student gets online tutors from regular textbook chapters, school homework help, science projects and assistance in test preparation.

The elementary grade student can better learn fundamental properties of matter, the human body, machines and motion, energy, earth and space with online science tutoring. Likewise, high school students can learn Physics that include learning motion and forces, conservation of energy and momentum, heat and thermodynamics and lot more. Chemistry student can learn Chemical bonds, atomic and molecular structures, chemical thermodynamics, chemical equilibrium, biochemistry and nuclear energy. A Science online tutor also helps Biology students to learn cell biology and structure, molecular biology, macromolecules and lot more. The expert tutors in their subjects are well versed in taking classes from elementary to high school and beyond.