9 Most Popular Interview Questions Teachers Are Asked

teachers interview questionsPreparing for an interview is the most challenging phase when it comes to getting a new job position. You might be thinking oh well it will be alright until you enter the interview room where a panel of educators, superintendent, principals, teachers and parents judging you for each of you move and wording. Ideally the more you prepare for an interview; the chances are that you will secure a job they are offering. One thing you always remember, when you are going for an interview, never lies to the interviewer. Be honest about your background, your teaching experience, and your degrees.

I have compiled a list of 9 most common interview questions asked by the interviewers. Keep in mind these are just some possibilities and should not be taken as discretion.

Tell me something about yourself

This is the first basic question that most likely to be asked by an interviewer. This is I call a 2 minutes demo to showcase your talent. This is a great opportunities to brag yourself to the interviewer. Keep in mind that the first question you answered is either going to get your job or not getting your dream job. So the answer you give need to be very strong. You might start by saying about your degrees, certification, and give a quick or summarize your work experience. The last 1 minute should just be focused on your strengths and skills you have to help the students or improve their learning. Also at the end, you may want to mention why you would want to work for the company ad what qualities you will bring in to the organization.

As high school teacher, how would you motivate parents to become involved in the classroom and in their child’s education?

This is actually a very good question that you might answer very smartly, tell the interviewer that you will want to contact the parent not only when the student is not doing well in the class but also inform them when student is really doing well in the class. You may also want to tell about the importance of parental involvement in the child academic career such as reading with students, preparing project materials, creating bulletin
boards, sorting materials, setting up learning centers, hanging up students’ work, etc.

Are you flexible in teaching style, if so why?

You can start saying yes you are flexible in your teaching style and highlights some points why are you are flexible such as you can deal with different backgrounds and socio-economic group. In teaching, you are aware that student have different learning pace. Some are fast learning and some are slow learners and you are flexible in accommodating your teaching style for all kinds of learners. There is so much information that I want to share with them to have a comprehensive understanding about concept. I make sure that I structure my lessons so effectively that learning takes place in one class period so I plan ahead to maximize every minute of my class period.

What are the different ways do you assess and evaluate your students?

You can start saying that you use different methods in assessing students such as conducting formal and informal assessment procedures to promote social, academic, and physical development. You formal assessment procedures involve written quizzes and examinations. You also grading and assessing student participation in their class such as recitations, reports, group activities, and seat work. You also grade your students based on their completed assignment and timeliness of assignment submission.

What strategies will you implement to meet the needs of a gifted students?

It can be a big challenge having gifted students with regular students in addressing their needs. You will modify the student work assignment expectation and grade the gifted students accordingly. Gifted students require a high level of understanding as compared with regular students. I will also ask the students play a role model role so other regular students inspired by him/her.

What are some modern trends, issues, and methodology in education and how would you address them?

You can start by saying that here are some trends, issues and methodology that you can address by educating the students about the tons of information they can learn over the internet now. How internet can be used in a positive way and teach the student on how to stay away from negative influences on the internet. One of the most important methodologies in my opinion is teaching through multiple intelligences. Students learn in so many different ways. I try to reach everyone by teaching through the senses, using visual, auditory, and sense of touch to impart information.

How do you stay current with modern technology in Education?

I love education and I plan to continue my education to cope with the latest trend in education and try to implement the same in my class. Nowadays students have too many devices to learn such iPad, Tablet, PC’s and hand held devices are some of the new gadget in the market. These new gadgets provide interactive, individualized learning experiences, increasing student engagement and therefore improve learning process.

How do you differentiate your teaching from others?

I would answer this question by saying that I take a holistic approach in my teaching as it is more of an individualized and inclusive approach. It is holistic because I first gathered the information in the order and then share that information with the students and that’s what my teaching approach is unique and different from others. . I also explained to my students the value of understanding numbers and the great things we can use math for, such as the ability to think logically. I include all students in my lessons. I use cooperative learning, peer tutoring approach, and re-teaching techniques. I also provide additional resources links such a homework help, online math tutoring, test practice sites and more which tend to help students improve their learning.

Why should we hire you?

This is the last interview question you will need to answer very carefully. You can answer this question by saying that they should hire you because you possess the necessary skills and experience to perform the job better and you can deliver an exceptional results. If you get hired, it will be great addition to the team.

Knowing the answers to these commonly asked questions will give you an idea of expectations for teachers in the district and may encourage for a discussion on potential places of growth for school district to take in meeting the needs of the math teachers.