Tips To Remember How Math Logarithmic Notation Works

Logarithms are really fun and interesting, but I have seen many students find changing logarithmic notation to exponential notation and vice versa quite confusing. Well here are some useful tips to make you remember that this conversion is simpler than you have expected.

The exponential form is where we have the base number multiplied according the exponent to get the answer. Here is an example from online math tutor:

When you multiply 2 four times you get 16. That is 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 = 16.

This can be written in the exponential form as 24 = 16. Let’s look deeper into this notation:


Let’s now try to follow how we can convert the exponential notation to the logarithmic notation:


As show above, both the exponential notation and the logarithmic notation have the same base number. Next, there is an exchange in the exponent and answer while writing it in the logarithmic notation.

This can be better understood with an example:

Convert 34 = 81 from an exponential notation to logarithmic notation.

Here 3 is the base number which will remain the same even in the logarithmic form.

We have 4 as the exponent and 81is the answer which can be written as:


Did you get a little hold of this method? Good let me show you one more example:

Convert 52 = 25 from exponential form to logarithmic form.

Everyone likes the 5 times table, for some reason it’s quite easy to memorize.

Here observe 5 is the base number and 2 happens to be the exponent. Multiplying 5 x 5 gives 25 as the answer. Now converting the exponential form to logarithmic form:


Taking a step further, let us now convert the logarithmic notation into exponential notation applying the same process backwards.

Convert log4 64 = 3 from logarithmic notation to exponential notation.

Here the given logarithmic notation can be changed to exponential notation by keeping the base number 4 the same. Follow the steps below:


Hence the exponential notation for the given question is 43 = 64.

Good so far! Now, have you ever observed some logarithms written without a base?

For example, notations like log 5, log 16 or log 150. Are they really without any base number? The answer is NO! They have a base number which is 10 it’s called the common base.

Hence, logarithms with base number 10 are called common logarithms. This can be shown as below:


Convert the given exponential form 103 = 1000 to logarithmic form?

Here we have the base number for the exponential form as 10, so the final answer will be a common logarithm. Hence we can write the given question into a logarithmic notation as follows:


So the final answer is log (1000) = 3. [Not to forget it still has a base 10.]

Now you are familiar with the logarithmic notation and ready to change exponential notation into logarithmic notation. But remember logarithms does not stop here, these are just few useful tips to get you started with the logarithmic notation.

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How Online Math Tutoring Helps Students To Solve College Math Problems Easily

A large number of students are restoring towards college programs, yet just one-third of them will graduate with degrees. Naturally, there are so many reasons for high dropout rates, however, some reports show that the students struggle with math course, which is a big intruder.

Prior to registering for classes, most colleges need that students take at least three placement tests. These placement tests include a fundamental math section, a reading comprehension section & a writing competition section.

Approximately half of potential college students struggle with math tests, and hence, need college math help. Even at colleges or community colleges, most degrees call for the successful completion of different college math problems, and many students continuously struggle to get out of it.

Apparently, lowering the college dropout rate proves to be a turning point on preparing students for college level math.

Math tests- How Students can improve their Score?

Scoring well on the math tests can save students’ a lot of time, effort as well as money in long run. In many cases, counteractive college level math classes do not count towards degree needs, and hence, scoring on tests can save students’ tuition fees to a greater extent. The best way to prepare for the test is to get the challenging matter working again, particularly if a lot of time has wasted since the last math class.

A number of cost-effective options are out there that can help, online math tutor is full of knowledge-base and samples on basic algebra, geometry, and almost every math-related problem. Students can garner the benefits of online math help through personal online tutoring classes.

Learning, being repeated of forgotten math concepts, just staring math right on the face again boosts the confidence level, enhances proficiency and improves scores on tests.

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Remedial Online College Math Help Classes:

Most online tutoring classes for math boast an open-door policy that means students will not be refused admissions considering their poor test scores. Most of these college math help classes are populated with non-traditional students, many of whom study, work or raise a family simultaneously. In online tutoring for math, the tutor provides individual attention and help with various math problems students encounter these days, at an easy pace that lets students to really grasp whatever they are learning. Here, students have plenty of opportunities to practice every concept they learn under the guidance of an individual, expert tutor.

The students, who do relish success in remedial classes, attribute their brand new understanding to good teaching practices. The online math tutor breaks down every problem into a sequential small steps that traditional class teacher systematically fail to do.

Online Math Tutoring

Areas of Math, College Students Struggle With

Probability and Statistics:

Many learners struggle in Probability & Statistics, although it’s not their fault. After all, these subjects have their own unique language as well as a set of rules. However, the frustration encountered by the students in this area can downgrade their self-confidence.

If the student is having a problem in Probability & Statistics, look for a broad, step-by-step tutorial, an approach which simplifies complex concepts by splitting them into small steps, via illustrations & facilitating real-life examples.


Those who need help with calculus need not to be fret upon as online help for college level math tackles this too. Calculus is perhaps one of the most difficult subjects for students, even for high achievers. But, online math tutor helps students master this subject with ease.

This is based on a special type of logic- once a student gets familiar with it; it becomes easy to resolve any type of problem. But, the problem is not all students are equal or fast learners. Some students are slow learners and they learn best at different paces & in different environments as compared to others.


Geometry is a subject that many students dread with. The shapes of geometry don’t translate very well on a board, students call for a much more visual imagination to grasp the concept like angles, lines, points, analytical geometry, parallel lines, the coordinate plane, midpoints, distance, congruent triangles, slopes, deduction & formal proofs, equation of lines, introduction of triangles, polygons, right triangles Pythagorean theorem, angles of triangles, similar triangles, congruent triangles, quadrilaterals: rectangles, trapezoids, rhombuses, parallelograms, squares; perimeters & areas circles; lines associated with circles: chord, diameter, radius, tangent, secant; the equation of a circle; angles related to a circle; area & circumference! On the other hand, geometry is a necessary component of a better education.

Online math help tutorials and tutors can help students learn complex mathematical concepts easily. Students need to find a math tutor who can is well-versed and can offer a comprehensive tutorial program & help students grasp challenging concepts through repetition. Online tutors provide hundreds of interactive exercises to ensure that the students master all the formulas, as well as concepts. The can also assist with suggesting and providing good math books.

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The knowledge & sense of achievement online math tutoring can bring to the students will play a big role in shaping the future of the students. Not only it helps student clear their concepts, but also help them earn good grades in college.

Math help required? Make it more interesting with online math tutor!

online tutoring for Trigonometry

Mathematics is a tough subject. even if you are a math genius or a math fan, there might be times when you’d require math help for, say, algebra homework, geometry homework and more. Study the tough algebraic concepts of monomials, binomials, polynomials, exponential patterns, intercepts, graphs, quad equations, variables and more. Now you can study all this at one stop with the help of online math tutor and get the most effective and instant math help.

There would many students who’d be wondering why go for online math help and assign an online math tutor? Well, here is the answer to all your queries.

  • With online math help you can complete algebra homework in a jiffy
  • You are well prepared for your future tests
  • You are up to date with the curriculum going on in the class
  • You’re on time homework submission increases your class assessment
  • And over all, studying with online math tutor is:
    • More interesting
    • More fun
    • Saves your travel time to other tuitions
    • Gives you a personalized review of your mistakes or points
    • Clears your doubts easily

Apart from this, the services these tutors provide are customized as per each child and are in easy reach while being light on your expenses too.

With math help from online math tutor you not just get algebra homework help you are taking your studies to a next level.

Make Math Fun for Your Kid through Math Homework Help Online

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Make Math Fun for Your Kid through Math Homework Help Online!

Are your kids scared by Math classes? Attune them to live homework help from established tutorials like Tutor Pace and make Math fun for them.

Why are kids scared of Math?

Kids feel bad and cowed down once they go wrong in numbers and come out with incorrect answers. It is their confidence which is shaken and they start faltering in Math classes. They fail to listen to the class teacher and the result is the lowering grades and apathy for Math classes.

How to get away with scary attitude towards Math in your kid?

  • Talk to your kid and make him understand that doing Math is simple, once he gets into its fundamentals with ease
  • Not that he needs a superhuman brain to do Math
  • Introduce him to a tutoring site  like Tutor Pace to make Math  doing lively with games and exercises   through his favorite gadgets and favorite tutor
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Is Math pushing you to the back and are you deeply worried to pick out a solution? Come to Tutor Pace with your intriguing dilemmas in Math and get exclusive remedies for them.

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Math doing is a tricky one with essential set of skills accompanying it.  Right from elementary level through Pre Algebra and Pre Calculus to Algebra 1 and Calculus, you need to be bent upon mastering the basics to score radiant grades in the subject.  Tutor Pace with its ingenious tutors could tell the right methods as to how to do Math.

The tutors with their step by step explanations could make it regarding how to approach a problem, use the formula and arrive at the answer. Their personalized treatment to help you grasp the ground knowledge of the subject areas would tune the right skill sets in you to get ahead in your subject matter without any problem. Online tools like white board are at your disposal to follow the tutors’ instructions to every minute detail without room for obscurity.

Take Tutor Pace’s guidelines to learn how to do Math.

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Math Help OnlineHow do you pull on with the voluminous Math work?  Online Math tutoring can be the best supplement for your subject knowledge and try it once with Tutor Pace.

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Today’s Math support assures tomorrow’s bright academic scales. Try Math Help Online with Tutor Pace and eschew the possible hurdles you come across in Math learning process. Algebra or Geometry, Calculus or Trigonometry would shake hands with you with their new insights and strategies. It all happens in an ideal virtual world where anything and everything is possible through uninterrupted communication via audio and video aids.

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Online Math tutor for college students Are you intimidated by College Math?  Stick on to Tutor Pace for college Math tutoring and win over your struggles with a free heart.

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College Algebra with its Quadratic Equations or Linear Equations could tickle your brain  for right  answers. Take to Tutor Pace’s online Math tutor for college students and get the needful instructions to overcome the threatening concepts with perfect insights and clear cut analyses. Our tutor with his whiteboard interactions is able to delve into your soft spots in College Algebra doing and strengthen your learning with skillful strategies to come out successful in the end.

 You need to focus a lot on Differential or Integral Calculus at college level. Stick to the efficient tutoring of Tutor Pace and get over the daunting issues in college Calculus. It is ultimate success in the form of tremendous grades and scores that actually makes you stand apart from others and shine unique in your academic horizon with the online support of our tutors.

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When Private statistics tutors is by your side, you get flying marks

The use of tutors is high with the tough subjects. The students are unable to cope up with the subject and so they need extra guidance and extra help as this will help them to get better future. Statistics is a subject that needs extra guidance and this is possible when you have a good and experienced person by your side. The good teacher will help you to know the subject much better way. It makes the subject easy and also accessible with every tough works throughout the subject.

Private Statistics Tutors- Get helps with statistics easily

Tutor Pace-Online Tutoring 4 Online teachers are one of the best solutions that will help you    to get some of extra help. The Private statistics tutors are       one service that reputed online institutes provide its clients. The   statistics teachers are very mush professional and also can    deliver their best to the student. They can turn a weak student     into an intelligent student with the kind of easy process they    make them go through. All round tuition classes are one of the    most important benefits that o private tuition classes can    provide you. Being a student you can avail the classes anytime  and this helps the student in many ways as they can save time and energy to a large extent.

So, it is an intelligent move if being a responsible student want to make your future and brighter, then enroll you name in any of these online institutes. It will help in making you a far better student that before.

College Math Tutor Help Online Will Deliver its Best Facility With Less Time Period

College math tutor help onlineDuring our school days we can come across many subjects that help in building up our future. Some subjects are needed for a better future and many subjects are left behind in school. After school when we reach college and there we need to choose any particular subject that will land us up to a noble job. It will land us in such a job that will secure our future and also make our lives happier.

College Math Tutor Help Online- Brings in best teachers and easy methods of learning

If we want to focus on particular one subject then we have to take immense help from the teacher which can be available through private tuitions. Private tuitions are also available but time management in such cases is considered as a big problem. If you have taken up mathematics as a subject then you can easily land into toughest phase of your life. For me mathematics is considered as one of the toughest subject and if the subject is for your main paper then it is sure you will need extra help to cope up with it. College math tutor help online is the way through which you will get better guidance and also come across some of the good teachers who will help you to bring in the best in you through their expert advice and great way of teaching. It makes the subject pretty easy for any student and also helps the student to develop a kind of great interest over the subject. So, choose a good and efficient online teacher so that you can get the best help possible. 

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