Tutor Pace on Studying Trigonometry

Online TutorWe at Tutor pace believe that methodical study habits can help students to achieve academic success. We challenge our tutors to make it easy for students to succeed in certain subjects that are perceived as overly difficult.

Our tutors have come up with 3 tips to solve trigonometry problems

Solve methodically, step by step

1- Trigonometry problems should be solved by taking each step carefully, one after another. It is like playing chess, if you lose one piece then your game becomes weak, lose another piece and your game becomes weaker, and so on. Hence, every step you take to solve a math problem should be taken with adequate thought and consideration about its result.

2- Stuck? Get assistance and move on!

At times, you may find yourself stuck with a specific part of a trigonometry problem. Thanks to online tutoring! Help is not far away – Just give us a shout and a tutor pace expert will gladly assist you. You could then move on and solve the rest of the problem.

3- Fall in Love with the concept!

Easier said than done? But, yes it works!

Start playing around with trigonometry calculators and formula sheets. This will not only help you explore the subject better but it will also give you the much needed confidence to approach problems. This confidence will give you a winning edge which could be lacking otherwise.

What are the Various Methods Used to Learn Languages?

online tutoring for studentsThere are different methods used to learn different subjects. The blog is dedicated to show you different methods used by English tutoring online to learn English at different expertise levels. Here are various methods used to learn English

Direct Method

It is also known as natural method. It stops learner using native language and focus on targeted language. Here the target is to learn second language by imitating the way the first language was learned. This method emphasis on oral skills keeping aside printed language away from the learner

Audio-lingual method

The learner listen various language model and practice it with drills. The English online tutor focuses the use of target language all the time. It is proven method that works quickly and effectively.

Immersion method

It forces student to communicate in targeted language not matter how he well he communicate. This method may give fluency on English but fail to give accuracy.

Minimalist or Methodological approach

It is designed by Paul Rowe to learn English for unqualified EFL tutors. Flash cards are the major teaching tools used in this method where the primary focus is the use vocabulary in proper context.

Directed practice

This method is used by US diplomatic Corps. It gives quick results where students keep on repeating same phrases. The learning comes from the books of targeted language with what to say when is fairly inflexible.

English tutoring online apply various methods of learning English. However, you can choose the one that suits your needs at best. Likewise, online math tutoring uses several methods to learn Math effectively.

4 Reasons that Make Online Tutoring Effective

Students learning in universityTechnology has certainly made online tutoring one of the most preferred methods of studying for the student in modern times. Tutor pace identifies 4 popular reasons that make online tutoring simple and structured.

Technology:  Firstly technology has brought together convenience, simplicity and pace at the same time for online tutoring. It is extremely convenient for a student and a tutor to opt for online tutoring from the comfort of their home. Technology has also brought together a winning combination of tools, online tutor and student. Tools such as Algebra solver come in handy and they are more effectively used by the student along with the guidance and presence of an online tutor.

The simplicity:  Online tutoring is simple because all a student needs to avail it is a computer and internet connection. After logging in for an online tutoring session the student has to just focus and listen to the online tutor and follow instructions to finish each section of the topic one by one.

The pace:  With online tutoring there is a methodology in place and it is conducted through one-on-one sessions which also mean special attention towards the student. All these factors certainly increase the pace of online tutoring.

A combination of homework and study help:  One of the biggest advantages of online tutoring for the student is the assignment help service provided by the online tutoring service provider. Assignment help comes with study help and this makes it even more efficient because firstly, the student gets the required guidance for prompt and accurate submission of assignments and secondly, the student also gets guidance about ‘how to use the assignment help knowledge in the exams?’

SAT/ACT Tests Approaching Fast. Do You Have a Plan on How to Build a Routine?

college 1Every student goes through the apprehension about studying for the ACT test and this is obvious considering the whole clout surrounding it. The students think this way because may be they have not received urgent attention when it was required. Nobody likes to fail but success in College Board SAT exam can be found only by those who try to find it.  The student has the capacity to find success provided she follows certain routine. For instance, a reality check as to what is going on? And what is essential to be done?

Start small and then achieve bigger things:

  • Rise and shine in early morning:The student should sleep early to rise early and utilize the dawn time for studying. This time is the best to study and it retains all the knowledge you require about each College Board subject test.
  • Online tutoring follow-ups: Give your online tutor the freedom to call you. This way you can count on your responsibility and also build a good rapport with the tutor.
  • Find interesting books in the library: It is not always necessary to study using the regular curriculum material and so you can take a big picture by browsing new books in the school/college library.
  • Access tutoring C.D/DVD: Most online tutoring companies can provide curriculum and study material in the form of C.D. and DVD videos. These videos contain their training philosophy and subject matter expertise. The student can always listen to these videos and get a faster upgrade or command on the subject.

4 Reasons Why a Student Should Opt for Online Tutoring!

Screen Shot 2013-01-09 at 10.15.24 PMThere are various benefits that are available to a student by choosing the option of online tutoring. The short-term benefits are: No more ‘Help me with my essay requests to siblings and parents. Getting online assignment writing help is easy!

We will focus on 4 long-term benefits to a student by choosing the option of online tutoring

1- Save time:

First and foremost, you can save a lot of time because online tutors have concrete methodologies of tutoring. This is because they cannot afford to behave indifferently. They get one hour sessions and in that one hour they have to teach in a way that will enlighten the student, otherwise, the student will lose interest.

2- Habit of efficient study methodology:

Online tutoring implements within students a habit of studying effectively. This allows students to finish their homework on-time and before the deadline. Online tutors do not intend to make the student dependent on them even for tougher issues such as Math Help, in-fact online tutors make the student independent.

3- Generate interest in homework and studies

Online tutoring requires skill to grab the student’s attention and make her competent.  By implementing this unique skill, the online tutor can attract the student’s attention and generate their interest in homework and exam preparation.

4- Give yourself an edge with better performance

With online tutoring, you come close to your success objective and you can achieve your academic goals and even excel them.


Know Well, Study Well, Perform Better and Score the Best with Online Tutoring!

Online Math TutorSome students are totally new to the subjects such as calculus and statistics. Yes, basically we are talking about Math here. Math and calculus can be a nightmare for students who believe that they do not have the required aptitude to study it. But isn’t that true for all subjects:  I mean learning a subject for the first time is always difficult, isn’t it? And once you start understanding concepts and solving problems: before you know you are already there! But the question is: How to get there?

Well, the answer is quite simple: Online tutoring can help! There are many reliable online tutors who can offer excellent online calculus tutoring and online probability tutoring service. Online tutors work round-the-clock and seven days a week. So, incase, you require some help with calculus problems on a Saturday, then you can easily get it online. And may be, you can study on your own on Sunday and appear for the exam on Monday with a lot of confidence.

 The teaching methodology that the online tutors adopt may differ but the ultimate the objective is the same – to make you an expert with the subjects you find difficult to study on your own. Besides, you can always request the online tutor to customize the teaching methodology to your requirement. Isn’t that Great!

Have You Planned Your ACT Exam day?

University Students Between LecturesIt is your ACT exam day and you are in a hurry to get things right before you forget about them. You are going through the ACT questions and answers repeatedly to make sure you remember – what you studied for so many days? You may also try to make sure that complex ACT answers are revised again and again. You might remember one of your friends SAT math test experience – Oh John’s SAT math test didn’t go that well, now, what will happen to me today? And so on…

What if I tell you this isn’t necessary? You are actually over-doing things and over-preparation may get a little finicky.  For instance, some students go for doing the overall revision and last minute preparations but that seldom helps.

See, studying for a competitive exam is not about 11th hour revisions and then appearing for the exam at the 12th hour. You need to have a calm mind to focus and be aware of each step that you take on your ACT exam day. Some of the things to be careful about – the breakfast you eat, the clothes you wear, and even remembering to wear a watch. Firstly, the food you eat should be edible enough for you to remain active during the exam hours, secondly the clothes you wear should be light and soft – you never know if the air conditioning stops working, you should not get uncomfortable, thirdly wearing a watch is good because then you are in control of your own time and you don’t have to depend on the moderator to tell you about the time.

These are a few essential tips to plan your ACT exam day. Good luck!

Want To Possess The Right Skill For Great Math Doing? – Read This To Know What It Is!

test prep6Algebra is the essential skill needed to build a strong Math foundation. It helps you acquire basic skills to do Trigonometry and Calculus. It helps doing other different subjects like Economics and Accounting as well, since Algebra is basically a world of numbers and all these subjects pertain to numbers in one way or the other.

Uses of Algebra in different faculties

  • Learn Algebra to know the work forces in real life like measuring the weight and strength of the objects and so on
  • Algebra is essential for basic numeric sense for the applications of common life situations
  • Algebra tutors give an impetus to your learning skills in Pre Calculus  with their effective tutoring in Fractions, Factoring and Equations
  • It gives prominence for Economics help by ascertaining  student ability to do graphs with accuracy
  • Algebra learning is basically needed to do Angles in Trigonometry
  • Chemistry equations also need Algebra skills while balancing them
  • If you shut your doors on Algebra in high school, you miss many career opportunities, which could otherwise take you to the top of the world


  • By doing constantly Algebra, you improve your logic and thinking capabilities

Accounting tutors are like tutors in Algebra in exhorting the students to do regular practice in their subject to achieve high gains. TutorPace.Com is a suitable site for the students whose aims are sky high with tall promises to win great scores.

What Are The Basics to Calculate Apothem?

tutor pace-apothemLike understanding any mathematical principle, while getting understanding geometry related to apothem, how the mathematical concept was derived, attributes of apothem that are used in formula to calculate it.

Apothem is the important mathematical concept that is used to know the perpendicular distance of any side of regular polygon from its center point. Regular polygon is two-dimensional plane geometric shape with all straight sides congruent to each other and all angles congruent to each other.  In other words, regular polygon is both equiangular and equilateral. The examples of regular polygon are squares, quadrilaterals, equilateral triangles, hexagons, pentagon etc. Hence, the primary two conditions to apply apothem are:

  1. All sides should be equal (congruent)
  2. All angles should be equal (congruent)

AP calculus students often face difficult to understand this basic rule.

In mathematical term, apothem is a line segment from the center of the regular polygon drawn to the midpoint of one of its sides. In other words, it is line segment drawn from the center of the polygon perpendicular to one of its sides. The apothem length remains same for regular polygon as the length from the center of the polygon to any of its sides are congruent.

Apothem formula and its attributes

Apothem a = s / 2 tan (180 / n)


 a = R cos (180 / n)

s = sides of polygon

n = number of sides

tan = tangent calculated in degrees

 An Apothem of regular polygon is the radius of inscribed circle and is a small distance from any sides of the polygon to its center.

Apothem is used to calculate the area of polygon of the side length ‘s’ which means the area will be apothem multiplied by half of the perimeter because ns = p.

 A = nsa / 2

  = pa / 2

The formula to calculate area A of any n-sided polygon is derived by dividing n-sided polygon into n isosceles congruent triangles and height of each triangle will be apothem and area of triangle will be base times to the height.

Irregular polygons do not have any center point, its sides are unequal and angles are also unequal which means they do not have apothem

Register Online for ACT – It is easy!

Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 10.14.20 PMHave you made your decision to appear for ACT? Now, you may be thinking of going ahead and enquire about the further process such as ACT online registration,  ACT test price and ACT test dates.

You don’t have to wait for the ACT test form by standing in a long queue because online registration is simple and efficient.

The test dates can be accessed by using this link: http://www.actstudent.org/regist/dates.html.ACT fees are divided in two categories: ACT (No writing) and ACT Plus writing. The ACT Plus writing category offers you the 2 score reports (One for you and the other one for school), an option to write the essay and 4 college options as per your eligibility. The ACT (No writing) category will offer you all of the above except for the option to write an essay.

The ACT No writing will cost you $36.50 and The ACT plus writing will cost you $52.50. You may choose to opt for either ACT (Writing) or ACT Plus writing depending on the criteria set by the colleges that you shortlist. You can visit us at www.tutorpace.com as per your convenience to know more about the ACT exam detail. One of our representative tutors will be happy to help.