How Online Tutoring Works?

online tutoringOnline tutoring strongly believes that each student is unique, should be encouraged to learn at their own pace as they progress towards annual goals.

Tutoring online websites offer following features:

  • Private One-to-one tutoring
  • Homely atmosphere
  • Flexibility to choose your own time
  • Secured tutoring session
  • Lower affordable costs

Before the student starts taking the online tuition, he would require:

  • Computer with DSL Connection
  • Digital Pad
  • Headset with Microphone

The student needs to register by entering his basic information with the tutor website. The online system will give user id to create a schedule and attend the future sessions.

As soon as a student comes on the board, he will get a welcome packet with the digital pad. The student will get the same feeling as taking physical classroom. The tutor and student both will interact with each other using live chat using pen and whiteboard. The teacher and student can write the topics, questions and answers on the whiteboard. For any other support or difficulties, students can talk with a tutor on phone call.

The prime value of tutoring online is the flexibility and personalization it offers.  The speed at which online tutor takes the lessons, the way tutor gives extra help is all determined by the student’s pace of learning, his availability and his goals.

The student can ask for the demo session to take first experience tutoring online.

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