Fun Games To Learn English-Start Rocking!

Online activities that can guide students develop their grammar skills. Online tutoring websites focus on the main grammatical topics taught on Basic English courses.

Online tutoring sessions divide the Grammar sections into 7 parts called adventures. Each adventure is demonstrated by different online activities and explains about a different point of grammar. Kids can work through the grammar adventures methodically or in any preferred order.

We offer Video Tutorials, Games, Worksheets, PowerPoint, Flashcards and other amusing sessions to make learning fun.

Your Kids are they getting bored of learning? Are you looking for ideas to teach your kids? We are here to energize every session with a variety of games. There are some Interactive Fun Games to make teaching learning interesting. Online Interactive Games and Game Ideas really work!

Some games that help learning:

Swap Seats: This seat exchange game gets kids very excited. Kids sit in a circle, prepare some word or phrase cards and put the upside down in the middle of the circle.

Chinese whispers: A fun game for listening and getting the correct pronunciation of words.

Miming games: Brilliant game for drawing description of actions and adjectives

Word Association Game: Communicative vocabulary Game by using flash cards

To make the sessions interesting for your kids, try to identify the activities keeping in mind the language skills you want your kids to practice. Parents should not consider that these as mere games and a time waster. There are games to teach different language skills: listening, speaking, writing and reading. Habitually listening and speaking go well together, while reading and writing makes a good grouping. There are some games under sub-categories like: pronunciation games, grammar games etc.

Hey! It’s time to play.

Enjoy Personalized Virtual Learning From Online Tutors!

Online tutoring is an interactive session based on Whiteboard Technology in which a student gets a real time help from teachers. The web-based classroom allows students to interact with online tutors through text/voice chat, video content and can study under the effective guidance of experts. It not only facilitates students to get academic support from the comfort of but also saves time, cost and inconvenience of running to a tutor after the school hours.

Benefits of Internet tutoring sessions:

  • Instant online sessions
  • 24×7 availability of expert
  • In-person attention
  • Economical and Flexible method of learning
  • Smarter way of learning

Students get all their queries related to different concepts, topics, and subjects resolved. They can plan their own schedule and hence manage time to play with friends and watch their favorite TV show. The online tutoring websites provide experts for every curriculum. These online tutors guide the students and help them in acquiring proficiency in the subject.

Students can get their curriculum related queries answered by teachers, in real time. TutorPace subject experts’ answer all your queries and help you in acquiring proficiency in the subject.

The quick preparation sessions offered by the websites is a handy tool for revision of lessons. Students can easily prepare for the exams in less time. The online tutors have an exhaustive collection of vital questions with their answers. The online tutors have specifically designed question-answer sheets helping students to  cover all the essential topics, getting the students all geared up for the examinations.

Enroll today and benefit from the best web-based learning online tutorial and improve scores in academic exams!

Will Math Be A Part Of Everything In The Universe?

Most students are afraid of math. Why do we need to learn math and score good marks in it is a common question among students. Well… Here’s is the answer! Mathematics is the study of quantity, structure, and change. Hey! Still confused?

Math is just as important when you go to buy a burger. The subject teaches you to calculate the price and take the exact balance from the seller. You might be playing a game with your friends and need to measure or count something. You may need to party with your friends within a limited budget and share food.  Math will help you to calculate the number of members and divide things accordingly; so that each enjoy equal share.

Tutor Pace is an online tutoring website providing a panel of online math tutors. They are experts and proffer 24/7 service for all your mathematical assistance. Online math homework, online math test preparation is now just a click away! There are graphical images to give you a clear understanding of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fraction and many more.

You can attain a free demo session with our website. Internet learning allows you to click and have fun!


Online Tutoring-One Stop Solution For Your Child’s Educational Needs

Good News for all the parents who are worried about their kid’s academic performance throughout the year. Are you still looking for a dependable platform that offer affordable service and help your kids to achieve their expected grades? Don’t worry! Tutor Pace an online tutoring website offers you the most reliable, convenient and affordable service. Our proficiency lies in blending technology with teaching.

Our mission is to give proper academic assistance to every student from k-12. We have a panel of highly experienced and specially trained online tutors to offer online homework help, online test preparation or guidance for any specific subject anytime, anywhere. You may browse tutors’ profile and choose as per your requirement

Online tutoring is not expensive. You simply need to give your child a Laptop/ desktop, a web cam and a microphone. This is usually a onetime investment, which guarantees quality guidance to your kids. You don’t have to spend on transport or manage time to take your kids for tuition. Further, it is very expensive to afford tutors for every subject.

Students can convey their doubts without hesitation and achieve success in their education. You may attain a demo session to understand the process. Our tutors are available 24/7 and this facilitates kids to get assistance whenever they necessitate. Further, it gives them the liberty to plan their schedule as per their convenience.

Tutor Pace strives to be your most reliable online partner.

Want a Free Demo Session With An Online Tutor…..Connect Now!

Do you know of any good online tutoring websites? Getting a dependable Internet learning website is definitely very important. Every single tutoring site offers few minutes of “tutoring” before you buy the session.

Tutor Pace is a USA based online learning portal that provides online homework help, online test preparation help services for students from k-12. Unlike other online tutoring services, Tutor Pace allows students to communicate directly with the tutor during the free demo session.

Free trial is given by live tutors who will conduct the sessions. Parents or students can post a sample problem so that they can make out how the online interactive whiteboard works. Students can learn basic and advanced concepts in subjects like English, Math, Science or any other subject as per their requirement. Such sessions help to solve Homework problems or get help before an important exam.

Our demo sessions are like having an expert guide besides you. Our tutors are experts and have years of experience in teaching diverse set of students. Take a free demo session with us to learn and interact with highly trained experts. You can connect directly with a live tutor and start taking a trail demo session. Our tutors are ready and waiting to help you with the subject and the topic of your choice. The free tutoring demo sessions allow you to understand the benefits of tutoring first-hand.

Let’s Play With Multiplication!

What is Multiplication?

Multiplication is a shortcut process to avoid repeated addition.



4 * 8 means 4 + 4 + 4 + 4 + 4 + 4 + 4 + 4 = 32

10 * 3 means 10 + 10 + 10 = 30

5 * 5 means 5 + 5 + 5 + 5 + 5 = 25

Multiplication can also be written as 4.8 = 32 or (4) (8) = 32 or (4)8 = 32

The common process however is: 4 factors

X 8 factors

32 products

The concept is simple factor * factor = product

How to set up a tutoring business from home?

Home Office is a common concept these days. Online tutoring business requires no extra infrastructure.  Schools today put excessive pressure on students to perform. Classroom crowding restrict students to enjoy individual support from their tutors. Parents too look for a dependable tutor to give one-on-one help to their kids.

Tutoring service is therefore in great demand now days. Starting a home tutoring service is a small business that does not necessitate much start-up costs. Tutors can an extra amount from the comfort of their home simply with a Laptop/desktop with internet connection, a microphone and a webcam to start the business. There are no definite requirements such as official recognition that you will need to start a tutoring business. You need to be specialized in a subject and should have the patience to deal with students. Prior teaching experiences will help you to advertise yourself.

There are few things which are essential for this online tutoring business: Business license and a Business Bank Account. Besides, as a tutor, you need to keep yourself updated with the latest syllabus and the current education system.

Advertising and marketing your tutoring service from home is the key to ensure success in your business. Positive recommendations from parents are the channel that facilitates speedy growth in your business.

Can Online Tutoring be Effective?

Getting a good education is very important for students and parents are really worried as how to make it possible. Good grades in high school are mandatory these days. An admission to the college of your choice depends on your grades. An impressive report card is very important for your career.

Students are facing too much of competition these days. With a number of students in each class, teachers often find it hard to pay attention to each student individually and identify their weaknesses. Further students at times hesitate to open up and convey their doubts in a classroom and as a result, a lot of students fall behind in some subjects, and are unable to compete with the rest.

Online tutors, use a virtual classroom set up. The students and tutors share a whiteboard on which they both work and it is easy for them to operate. Further, they use PowerPoint presentations, YouTube videos and Microsoft Word documents. The virtual classroom sessions provide a video and audio feed through which the tutors and students are able to communicate during the session. Online tutoring is a technology that can truly be considered as an asset for the current generation of students. This helps them to achieve success in their studies to the core.

Online Tutoring Provide Student an Edge in Algebra

Online math problem solver is what you need; browse an online math tutor as per your requirement and get instant help.

Solve for x in the following equation

2(3x-7)+4(3x+2)= 6(5x+9)+3

Complete multiplication

6x-14+12x+8 = 30x+54+3

Group like terms on each side of the equal sign


Subtract 57 from both sides of the equation


Divide both sides of the equation by 12 and simplify


Therefore x=-21/4

Online math tutoring sessions help students to learn Algebra in an interesting way. Students will find assignments easier now. Choose your own tutor and Get Solution for Any Problem, Within Minutes, With Zero Trouble!

World Class Education-Electronic Tutoring Sessions

Over the last few years, technology execution in the K-12 sector attained record levels with social networking, tablets, laptops, and other e-learning technologies. Electronic tools have shown a marked change in the learning-teaching process. It interprets education issues in a digital world, and helps educators and students.

It is important for tutors and parents understand that K – 12 students are candidates who understand lesson well when presented with an appealing approach. It is basically while teaching them that we realize “how does technology enhance the learning process”.

Tutor Pace a leading online tutoring website of USA designed a virtual classroom tutoring session to magnetize students. To ensure high quality instruction, the website pays special attention to employ highly knowledgeable, professionally trained and patient tutors. The site provides comprehensive instructive programs which will allow students to be productive. Electronic Tutoring Session gives students a relief from traditional methods of learning.

Parents are implementing this technology to offer their kids a facility to get online assignment help, guidance from experts in the form of online test preparation, or to get immediate help for any subject. The response and feedback from parents and students has generally been very encouraging.

Students are able to access online video sessions not normally offered at their school. The exciting approach makes learning less stressful. The technology is considered to be the best to reduce their class workload. This is a 24*7*365 service and hence summer online courses help students to complete their holiday assignments with no trouble.