Proven Technology. Guarantee Effective English Learning!!!

Learn English according to your requirements and abilities. English is a vast subject.  The subject requires proper understanding & practice. With help and guidance from our expert online English tutors, students can score their expected grades. There are specific sessions for different grades.

Middle School English tutoring includes:

  • English Grammar
  • Reading
  • Creative Writing
  • Essay Help

Our High School English tutoring program includes the following:

  • English Grammar
  • English Composition
  • Reading Analysis
  • Literary Analysis
  • Poetry Analysis
  • Shakespeare
  • Creative Writing
  • Essay Help
  • Research
  • SAT prep

Each lesson is personalized for each student.  Creative writing is another important skill. Writing letters, blogs and even writing on your Facebook page requires accuracy and creativity. At school, students cannot enjoy the required one-on-one attention. TutorPace is an online tutoring website offer tutors to develop creativity in the students and bring out their best skills. Creativity and accuracy is the key to good writing.

The website provides the best of technology. Learning is fun and easy. Live voice communication, interactive whiteboard for teamwork and online sharing of documents make sessions motivating and effective. Our sessions can be recorded for future reference. Get online English homework, online English test preparation help from trained and highly experienced professionals.

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