Online Geometry Help to Improve Grades

Online geometry tutors design fun and interactive programs.  The sessions will help you better understand the concepts. The online program gives you the opportunity to work and share documents on an interactive whiteboard, experience live voice, and chat using IM. Explore the world of Internet learning and make a difference in your grades.

Tutor Pace’s comprehensive online geometry program will help you to recognize shapes and solids, examine properties of two and three dimensional shapes, work out geometric relationships, understand Theorems and write Proofs. The program will construct your problem solving skills.

High School Geometry Curriculum:

Figures And Their Properties:

Lines and Angles

Euclidean and Coordinate Geometry


Triangles and Their Properties

Angles, side length, perimeter

Pythagorean Theorem and its applications

Medians, altitudes and perpendicular bisectors


Quadrilaterals and Their Properties

Proofs involving quadrilaterals: Theorems about the interior and exterior angle sums of a quadrilateral


Circles and Their Properties

Logical Reasoning:

Law of Syllogism

Get Going and Get ahead with Internet tutoring advantages:

Grab the chance of having personalized one on one geometry tutoring from an expert. Voice based sessions and interactive whiteboard for solving problems make learning effective. The online tutors simplify teaching and makes learning easy and fun. The tutors take tests to evaluate your progress. Plan a session with your geometry tutor at a time of your convenience. The online geometry tutors proffer geometry homework assistance and prepare you for the approaching geometry exam.

Schedule a free demo session with our online geometry tutor now. Learning is a fun and engaging experience!

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