Fun Games To Learn English-Start Rocking!

Online activities that can guide students develop their grammar skills. Online tutoring websites focus on the main grammatical topics taught on Basic English courses.

Online tutoring sessions divide the Grammar sections into 7 parts called adventures. Each adventure is demonstrated by different online activities and explains about a different point of grammar. Kids can work through the grammar adventures methodically or in any preferred order.

We offer Video Tutorials, Games, Worksheets, PowerPoint, Flashcards and other amusing sessions to make learning fun.

Your Kids are they getting bored of learning? Are you looking for ideas to teach your kids? We are here to energize every session with a variety of games. There are some Interactive Fun Games to make teaching learning interesting. Online Interactive Games and Game Ideas really work!

Some games that help learning:

Swap Seats: This seat exchange game gets kids very excited. Kids sit in a circle, prepare some word or phrase cards and put the upside down in the middle of the circle.

Chinese whispers: A fun game for listening and getting the correct pronunciation of words.

Miming games: Brilliant game for drawing description of actions and adjectives

Word Association Game: Communicative vocabulary Game by using flash cards

To make the sessions interesting for your kids, try to identify the activities keeping in mind the language skills you want your kids to practice. Parents should not consider that these as mere games and a time waster. There are games to teach different language skills: listening, speaking, writing and reading. Habitually listening and speaking go well together, while reading and writing makes a good grouping. There are some games under sub-categories like: pronunciation games, grammar games etc.

Hey! It’s time to play.

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